See vintage Jeep Cherokees, from their debut in the ’60s through the ’80s

Vintage Jeep Cherokee - 1985 red

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Jeep Cherokee first introduced in 1963

The newest Jeep vehicle has arrived. Jeep Cherokee.

Heir to a tradition of quality and rough road dependability, Cherokee takes up where Jeep CJ-5 leaves off. Youthful and sporty, with the extra room that lets you pack along what you used to leave behind.

Cherokee really stands out where the pavement ends because the famous Jeep 4-wheel drive was specifically designed into Cherokee — most of the competition are merely converted two-wheelers.

With greater ground clearance and a higher load capacity than any other sports utility vehicle in its weight class, new Cherokee makes a big difference in the boondocks.

Jeep Cherokee combines this rugged performance with sporty good looks — plus exciting options like Quadra-TractJeep’s automatic 4-wheel drive, automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning and power front disc brakes.

New Jeep Cherokee is the get-away machine your family has been waiting for. It’s a Jeep-and-a-half.

Jeep Cherokee — From a Subsidiary of American Motors Corporation

Vintage 1963 Jeep Cherokee

Vintage Jeep V6: The fun 4-wheel-drive (1966-1967)

Vintage Jeep Cherokee: A lot more than a wagon (1970s)

Don’t you wish your 2-wheel drive wagon could do a little more? Maybe add more excitement to your weekends and vacations? Give you more confidence in everyday driving? You can get more with a 4-wheel-drive Jeep Cherokee.

Jeep: We wrote the book on 4-wheel drive

Vintage '70s Jeep Cherokee A lot more than a wagon

Vintage '70s Jeep Cherokee A lot more than a wagon (1979)

1981 Vintage Jeep Cherokee truck

Before you even consider buying a Jeep Cherokee, make sure you’re serious. Because there are plenty of choices out there, including Broncos and Blazers.

But only one is born of the rugged Jeep legend. And we consider Cherokee the best sports utility vehicle available in America today. That’s a pretty big statement for any vehicle to back up. But Cherokee doesn’t back away from a little healthy competition.

Its 4-wheel drive system is built in from the ground up, not added on. It has an integral steel roof, not plastic. It comes in 2-door and 4-door models, unlike its biggest competitors. And 95.8% of all Jeep registered in the last 10 years are still in operation today. Nobody can match that record.

1981 Vintage Jeep Cherokee truck

Vintage 1984 Jeep Cherokee

Vintage 1984 Jeep Cherokee ad

’85 Jeep Cherokee

ONLY JEEP CHEROKEE has won all three major off-road magazines’ “4 x 4 of the Year” awards for 1984. Bronco and Blazer never did it. No vehicle ever made did it until the new Jeep Cherokee.

ONLY JEEP CHEROKEE offers you the choice of 2 and 4-door models. (Bronco and Blazer come with 2 doors only.) And only Cherokee gives you more cargo space.

ONLY JEEP CHEROKEE offers you two “shift-on-the-fly” 4-wheel drive systems to choose from. Bronco has none, and Blazer offers only one system.

ONLY JEEP CHEROKEE has a gutsy 2.5 liter engine with better mileage (E] EPA EST MPG, 25 HWY EST.) than Bronco II and more horsepower per pound than S-10 Blazer 4×4. And only Cherokee has an inter-cooled turbo-diesel engine available for 1985.

ONLY JEEP CHEROKEE has higher ground clearance…and the incredible new Quadra-Link front suspension for an outstanding ride on and off the road.

ONLY JEEP CHEROKEE has room for 5 passengers, not Just 4 Ilke Bronco II and S-10 Blazer. Is there really any other choice than Jeep?

1985 Jeep Cherokee

Only in a Jeep Cherokee (1986)

COMPARE Jeep Cherokee to Bronco II and S-10 Blazer 4×4, and see how many good reasons there are for owning the Cherokee.

ROOM. Cherokee has room for five adults, unlike its domestic competition.

DOORS. Cherokee is available in two- or four-door models, a choice you don’t have with any other 4×4 in its class.

GROUND CLEARANCE. Jeep Cherokee has a superior 7.4 inches of ground clearance. more than you’ll find in any other American 4×4 in its class.

HORSEPOWER. Cherokee’s standard 2.5 litre electronic fuel-injected engine has more horsepower per pound than S-10 Blazer and better mileage than Bronco It

CARGO SPACE. Cherokee has over 71 cubic feet of cargo space:* more than any other American-made 4×4 in its class.

SHIFT-ON-THE-FLY. Jeep Cherokee is the only 4×4 with a choice of two shift-on-the-fly 4-wheel drive systems.

A BORN WINNER. Jeep Cherokee is the only vehicle ever made to win three major off-road magazines -4×4 of the Year” awards.

4WD: 19 EPA CITY MPG. 23 HWY EST. Use these figures for comparison. Your results may differ. **With rear seat folded.

1986 Only in a Jeep Cherokee

1986 Jeep Cherokee Chief

See an old Universal Jeep upside down, with its Willys engine (1946)

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