Join the Young Model Builders Club (1967)

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Join the Young Model Builders Club (1967)

Young Model Builders Club – From 1967

What a great way to encourage your child’s creative talents! And what a wonderful source of pride and delight for your child to fashion, with his own hands, beautiful and accurate replicas of famous aircraft and space-craft… steamships and submarines… historic sailing vessels… high-powered racing cars… and so much more! Which is exactly what your child will be doing — when you enroll him in Parents Magazine’s Young Model Builders Club.

A New Model Builders Kit Each Month

Besides the pleasure and inspiration, think of the educational benefits as your child becomes familiar with a new and different object of present-day or historical importance… through each month’s package of precision-built parts, ready to assemble into a handsome, durable model that will long occupy a place of honor in his own room — or in the family living room or den… and in your youngster’s heart.

Join the Young Model Builders Club (1968)

A Fascinating Background Booklet With Each Month’s Model Kit

With each new model your child assembles, his deftness and skill will increase. And so will his knowledge — for with each month’s model kit he will receive a booklet outlining the history and development of the original of the model to be constructed.

Imagine the rich fund of knowledge your child will develop — as he builds models and learns interesting and important facts about a fantastic modern-day spacecraft, or some historic sailing vessel, or a famous racing car or early model automobile!

Think of the hours of instructive and constructive fun for your youngster! And think how his life will be enriched as his collection of models grows and he points with ever-increasing pride to the products of his handiwork. Then, finally, consider what enormous dollars-and-cents value you are getting in being billed the member’s price of only $1.98 (plus postage and handling) for each month’s complete Model Builders package.

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Here is The First Model Your Child Will Construct As A Club Member!

The COLUMBIA And EAGLE LUNAR SPACECRAFT Kit contains precision-built parts together with complete instructions for assembling…plus Background Booklet outlining the history and development of this fantastic Space Age creation.

Enroll Your Child Today … And Get Model Builder’s Tool Kit FREE!

Start your youngster now on one of the happiest and most gratifying I of all hobbies. Mail the postage-paid card at left, first filling it in on the reverse side. We’ll promptly enroll your child as a member and send him the Model Builder’s Tool Kit FREE, along with the first Club package containing the parts and instructions for building a replica of the fabulous Columbia and Eagle Lunar Spacecraft shown above.

[NOTE: This offer expired in the 1960s, and is not a current offering. You can see currently available model kits here, though!]

Join the Young Model Builders Club (1967)

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