14 quaint residential garage additions from the twenties

The story of garages has never adequately been told. It is an important adjunct of nearly every home. It is a shelter for a costly, intimate part of family life. It can add to or detract from the appearance and value of the property. Highly practical as it is, it can well be such an adornment to the grounds that it becomes a pleasing part of the entire home setting. Consider, in all its advantages, the garage!


The home garage is practically an institution in itself, a necessary and valuable part of the home surroundings. The important function of a garage, of course, is to protect the automobile against undue depreciation; yet at the same time, it may so improve the property that it becomes a valuable investment asset.

A garage for your carNow and then a homeowner builds a garage from meager plans, only to find when it is finished that it does not harmonize with the surroundings. To overcome that serious objection, the publishers of this booklet have sought out actual garages of pleasing architectural design, photographed them, measured them accurately — and here, in these pages, present the results of that study. In every case, the garage was selected because of its practicability, simplicity of design and architectural beauty.


A well-built garage actually pays for itself in preventing excessive depreciation. More important, perhaps is the value it adds to the property. Comparatively few families today are without automobiles. The lack of a garage seriously affects the resale value of any home. A garage not in good taste architecturally almost as seriously affects that value.

The garage actually can be an unobtrusive part of the home grounds, particularly if flowers and vines and shrubbery are used tastefully about it.


The garage is quite practical in still another way. The homeowner, handyman that he must often be, finds frequent occasion to do small repair work on the automobile. It is a real saving, and, to many, a real pleasure, to do these little repair jobs at home.

The garage can be made the workshop. Built large enough to accommodate a workbench at one end, and equipped with an inexpensive assortment of tools, such repair work can be done in comfort and with every convenience. The garage workbench often becomes the place of many household repair jobs, as well as a valuable place of practical instruction for the growing boys of the family.


And what could be handier as a storage place for lawn and garden tools? These tools so often must be stored in an unhandy basement, left to clutter up a back porch or else remain out in the weather. In a roomy garage, they can be stored in an orderly fashion, kept in repair easily and are quickly available for use.


Consider carefully the matter of size. A roomy garage is not much more expensive than one barely large enough to accommodate the car, yet that additional room can be utilized so well!

Cars vary considerably in length, from twelve feet six inches to eighteen feet. While the small car owner may want to build merely for his present needs, it is not unwise to consider the probability of owning a large car in later years, when the expense of remodeling would be much more costly than to allow greater space now.

Height and width also vary. Height, from six feet to seven feet six inches. Width, from five feet six inches to six feet three inches. The most practical thing to do is to build for maximum length, height and width, and then allow whatever extra space is desired for workbench, storage, and working room around the car.


Hastily or improperly built garages are an abomination and very often an eyesore. A harmonious design, good lumber, and good workmanship form the most desirable combination. With properly manufactured lumber, a good workman will erect a sturdy building which will long be an asset to the property.

Unusual garages

Vintage 2-car garage

Small garage of pleasing design

Two-car garage with dignified lines

Simple garage design

2-car bungalow garage construction

Garage from the 1920s

A garage of the Queen Anne type

Vintage garage styles for small lots

Simple garage

Distinctive lines in this garage design

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