Get ready for Oldsmobile’s ‘new thrill’ – Futuramic cars from the late ’40s

Get ready for Oldsmobile's 'new thrill' - Futuramic cars from the late '40s

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Futuramic is a brand new word (1948)

Futuramic is a brand new word that fills a gap in our vocabulary. It means “the dramatic design of the future” — the finest of functional modern design in any field.

Among automobiles, the Futuramic Oldsmobile best exemplifies this trend. Here is a car whose styling has a purpose. There’s utility, as well as beauty, in its low, modern hood, curved windshield, extra size windows, and lower, wider body. GM Hydra-Matic Drive is a “Futuramic” feature, too — combining proved dependability with “no clutch, no-shift” driving ease.

It’s SMART to Own an Olds — the Futuramic Oldsmobile “98,” or the bright, sparkling Dynamic Oldsmobile in the “60” and “70” Series.

LIFE Apr 26, 1948 Oldsmobile Futuramic

The smart new Oldsmobile “98” Convertible (1948)

It’s Futuramic in more than style . . . this smart new Oldsmobile “98” Convertible. Touch a knob . . . the top goes up or down. Push a button . . . the windows raise or lower. Another simple control . . . the front seat adjusts itself automatically.

And when you take the wheel, what a Futuramic thrill is in store for you! You never push a clutch — never shift gears — as CM Hydra-Mattie Drive takes over. And if, for safety’s sake, you need an extra burst of pick-up, just step down on the accelerator all the way and . . . presto! Whirlaway” goes into action.

This plus-performance feature of Hydra-Mattie Drive gives you thrills such as you have never known! (Hydra-Matic Drive is available at extra cost in all new Oldsmobile models — both the Futurumic “98” and the Dynamic “60” and “70.”)

LIFE May 31, 1948 Oldsmobile cars

Futuramic Oldsmobile (1948)

Watch it as it hugs a curve . . . streaks along a straightaway . . . slips so easily through traffic. Then you’ll know what Futuramic means. It’s the dynamic design of the future . . . styling with a purpose . . . a car whose very lines suggest action.

And what action! With Hydra-Matic Drive* and Whirlaway, Oldsmobile gives you instant response — a surge of power without shifting gears or pushing a clutch. This Futuramic Oldsmobile Convertible offers other automatic features, too — hydraulically-operated windows, power-operated top, and automatic seat adjuster.

In its Futuramic lines and Futuramic features, the accent’s on youth . . . and action!

LIFE Aug 9, 1948 Oldsmobile futuramic

Futuramic: The new thrill (1949)

Get set for a new sensation! Get ready for Oldsmobile’s “NEW THRILL” . . . when you slip behind the wheel of a new ’49 Futuramic.

For here is the car with the revolutionary “Rocket” Engine! Here is the car that brings tomorrow so much closer . . . the car whose high-compression smoothness and power make an ordinary road seem like a super-highway! With Hydra-Matic Drive and Whirlaway, the “Rocket” Engine gives you the safety of split-second response to every command . . . a burst of almost unbelievable power without shifting gears or pushing a clutch.

Words can’t describe it! You’ve got to drive it to believe it. It’s Oldsmobile’s “New Thrill!”

LIFE Apr 4, 1949 Oldsmobile Futuramic

Make a date with the 88 (1949)

Some day soon — it could even be tomorrow — you’ll have your date with the “88”! You’ll be standing in an Oldsmobile showroom, admiring those clean Futuramic lines — and your dealer will hand you the keys.

Then it begins. You feel the “Rocket” Engine surge with Hydra- Matic” smoothness to highway speed — so eager — so quiet — hinting of so much more. You try the “88” in traffic. You discover its deft dexterity — the completely new command it gives you — with this compact new Body by Fisher.

Then, before you know it, you’re in the open! Miles spin under your wheels like minutes — you ride a great, gathering wave of “Rocket” Engine power — you find an exultant, air-borne freedom!

That’s “The New Thrill” you’ve waited for! So don’t wait any longer. Make a demonstration date with the Oldsmobile “88”!

LIFE Jun 13, 1949 Oldsmobile Futuramic

Announcing the new Oldsmobile 88 (1949)

Look what’s winging your way! A third new Futuramic line for 1949 . . . the Oldsmobile “88” . . . bringing the spectacular new Rocket” Engine to a lower price range! Watch that dashing style and flashing action . . . you’ll see the newest, most exciting car on the road!

The new Oldsmobile “88” has Hydra-Matic Drive with Whirlaway as standard equipment. It features Futuramic styling at its finest, in a brand new 1949 Body by Fisher. And in the “88,” you’ll find Oldsmobile’s revolutionary new high-octane, eight-cylinder engine . . . the “Rocket!”

Here’s performance that couples incredible smoothness with true high-compression power. You’ve got to try it to believe it! So make a date with the”88″. . . at your Oldsmobile dealer’s. See it . . . drive it . . . and discover “The New Thrill!”

LIFE Feb 28, 1949 Oldsmobile Futuramic

Oldsmobile’s new “Holiday” coupe (1949)

Hold fast to your heart when you meet this one! You’ll see the most dramatic of Oldsmobile’s Futuramics — the smartest looking car on the road — the Holiday Coupé.

Freedom and fun and the open road beckon the master of this glamorous car. Look at those lines . . . low, lovely and luxurious — a new basis for beauty in motor cars! But it’s not only the ultra-advanced design-the superb sweep of the flowing Futuramic lines that distinguish this beautiful car.

For this is a “Rocket” Engine car — more active than your imagination — free and fleet and so vibrantly alive that you can’t believe it until you try it! So for the finest “Holiday” you’ve ever known, see and drive the newest Futuraniifi-Oldsmobile’s Holiday Coupé!

LIFE Aug 22, 1949 Oldsmobile Futuramic

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