1964 Chevrolets had a smooth ride & luxurious vinyl upholstery

1964 Chevrolets Jet-smooth luxury & soft vinyl upholstery

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’64 Jet-smooth luxury Chevrolets

A CAR THAT’S NEVER BEEN SO LUXURIOUS BEFORE! More luxurious outside with that long clean look. And much more luxurious inside.

The new Impala Super Sport Series, for example, has a new ultra-soft vinyl upholstery and door-to-door deep-twist carpeting that would cost you a small fortune to put in your home.

And even the lowest priced Biscayne models are now fully carpeted and have rests and foam-cushioned seats both front and rear. Then these new Chevrolets have a Jet-smooth luxurious way of going. Quiet. Soft. Transmissions operate more smoothly and quietly.

That sturdy Body by Fisher and generous coil spring at each wheel cushion you against every kind of road shock. The whole idea for ’64 was to see how much luxury and comfort we could add to the car — but keep it reasonably priced. And everything worked out just beautifully. Wait until you see it.

The new jet-smooth luxury Chevrolets for 1964

New Chevelle! by Chevrolet

A kind of car you’ve never seen before! Not a new model or just a new name, but a completely different kind of car from Chevrolet for 1964.

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The ’64 Chevy II by Chevrolet

New Chevy II V8! An optional at-extra-cost 195-hp V8, to be exact. Chevy II is not the only car made that gives you a choice of Four, Six or V8 power.

The ’64 Corvair and ’64 Corvette

New Corvair power. Nearly 19% more horsepower in the standard engine. A full 110 horsepower in the extra-cost engine. And 150 hp in the Monza Spyder. You’ll want to climb a hill just because it’s there.

New Corvette ride! Smoother and quieter than it’s ever been, but by no means any less of a sports car than it’s always been.

’64 Chevy: It looks more luxurious, and that’s because it is!

Outside, inside, all the way through, improvements and refinements make this far and away the finest Chevrolet you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving.

In fact, this 1964 Chevrolet rivals just about anything on the road today in styling, luxury and performance. There’s new luxury in its graceful styling, new luxury inside it, too. Foam-cushioned comfort. Ample passenger room. Easy entry and exit.

Tasteful interiors, starting with color-keyed deep-twist carpeting. Generous trunk space that swallows up luggage. There’s luxury in its Jet-smooth ride, too, thanks to Full Coil suspension and the plentiful use of shock- and sound-absorbing devices.

You can virtually custom-design any ’64 Chevrolet to your personal taste with the most complete range of extra-cost options and custom features we’ve ever offered. Adjustable ComforTilt steering wheel, for example, or AM-FM radio.

You have a complete selection of power, too. Standard engines are the improved 140-hp Six and 195-hp V8. Then there are five optional extra-cost V8’s up to 425 hp. And such practical features as self-adjusting brakes and Delcotron generator make the ’64 Chevrolet economical to drive.

15 new models in four series include exciting Impala Super Sports, luxurious Impalas, handsome Bel Airs and low-cost Biscaynes.

Each offers luxury that looks as though it cost far more than you paid for it. But that’s a secret you can share with your Chevrolet dealer. And with, of course, your savings account. . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan. 

New '64 Chevrolet cars (1)

Classic Chevrolet El Camino pickup trucks: Vintage Chevys, '60s-style

’64 Chevys: Imagine gliding a few feet above the road…

…and you’ll have a good idea of what jet-smooth ride is like.

1964 Luxury Chevrolet with the smooth ride (1)

1964 Luxury Chevrolet with the smooth ride (2)


'65 Chevy station wagons (1965)

'64 Chevrolet station wagons - Jet smooth luxury

Jet-smooth luxury in the ’64 Chevrolet Impala

Any car this luxurious should have its price examined! This new 1964 Chevrolet brings you more pure luxury per dollar than anybody — even Chevrolet — ever brought you before.

For example, the rich and spacious interiors are finished with refinements you generally expect to pay much more for. Expensive vinyls and new fabrics are precision-fitted without skimping.

Generous foam cushion seating for delicious comfort. Deep-twist nylon carpeting you’d be proud to have in your home. Yet, all this luxury is meaningless unless it’s matched by fine riding qualities.

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1964 Chevrolet Impala convertible cars (2)

You get this in Chevrolet’s famous Jet-smooth ride — made possible by a giant coil spring at each wheel to soak up road shocks. Best thing to do if you’re thinking about a new car is to see your Chevrolet dealer.

You can ask him all the questions you like about models (new Super Sport Series!) . . . and engines (seven, in all) . . . and extra-cost options (new am-fm radio, to name just one) . . . and colors (many new ones).

As for price — that’s the only thing that doesn’t look expensive about the ’64 Chevrolet. And, of course, it doesn’t cost much to run and to keep up. . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan. 


1964 Chevrolet Impala convertible cars (3)

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