Look back at the 1973 Ford Mustangs

Look back at the 1973 Ford Mustangs

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What makes Mustang different is the way it looks, handles, and makes you feel

For eight years now, the Ford Mustang has been the top-selling car in its class. There are at least three reasons why.

The way it looks. Sporty, sexy, sleek. You can choose from 5 models: Mach I, SportsRoof, Grande, Hardtop, and Convertible. New for 1973, you also get a rugged color-keyed front bumper and a dramatic grille design. But not all the good looks are on the outside. Inside the cockpit, you sit back in a bucket seat while your hand drops to a floor-mounted shift console and you look out over a deep-set instrument panel.

The way it handles. The Mustang’s low silhouette and compact size make its handling as beautiful as its looks. A smoother independent front suspension with anti-sway bar helps take the bumps of rough roads and the twist out of twisting turns.

The way it feels. The feeling of control and balance you get from driving a Mustang adds up to a statement of personal style. Like when you do something very well, and you know exactly how you did it. It’s a very different experience.

73 Ford Mustang

1973 Ford Mustang

Red ’73 Mustang Mach 1

1973 Ford Mustang car

1973 Ford models: Mustang Hardtop, Mustang SportsRoof, Mustang Convertible, Mustang Mach 1, Mustang Grande

1973 Ford Mustang models

Ford cares about your safety

Ford has been a pioneer in safety design in the automotive industry. Our Safety Research Center has developed stronger, safer, more dependable automotive products for you.

You’ll find this reflected in each new 1973 Ford Mustang model which includes these FORD MOTOR COMPANY LIFEGUARD DESIGN SAFETY FEATURES, standard:

• Improved front and rear bumpers
• Improved impact-absorbing laminated safety glass windshield
• Dual hydraulic brake system with warning light
• Glare-reduced instrument panel padding, windshield wiper arms, steering wheel hub, rearview mirror/mirror mounting and windshield pillars
• Energy-absorbing steering column and steering wheel
• Energy-absorbing armrests and safety-designed door handles
• Front and rear lap belts with mini buckles for all seating positions and retractors for front and rear outboard occupants
• Shoulder belts for front outboard occupants
• Positive reminder warning light and buzzer for front outboard seat belts
• Turn indicators with lane-changing signal feature
• Inside yield-away rearview mirror
• Energy-absorbing instrument panel with padding for center and outboard passengers
• Padded sun visors
• Lock-ing steering column with warning buzzer
• Two-speed windshield wipers
• Windshield washers
• Double-yoke safety door latches and safety hinges
• Steel guard rails in side doors
• Hazard warning flasher
• Backup lights
• Side marker lights
• Energy-absorbing front seat back tops with padding
• Self-locking front seat backs on two-door vehicles
• Safety-designed coat hooks (except convertibles)
• Safety-designed radio control knobs and push buttons (on all cars equipped with radios)
• Outside rearview mirror, driver’s side
• Safety rim wheels and load-rated tires
• Corrosion-resistant brake lines
• Uniform transmission shift quadrant (on all cars equipped with automatic transmission)
• Parking lamps coupled with headlamps
• Non-reversing odometer
• Safety design front end structure
• Head restraints or high back seats for front outboard occupants
• Safety glove-box latch (on all cars equipped with glove boxes)

Selling the '66 Ford Mustang to women - Six & the single girl, supermarket set & more

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