See the 1958 Oldsmobile’s dramatic new look! (1957)

See the 1958 Oldsmobile's dramatic new look! (1957)

Oldsmobile for 1958 will feature the dramatic new “mobile look”

Highlights of the “mobile look” are styling in excellent taste with sparkling new exterior molding treatments, a variety of new interior upholstery and trim fabrics and a wide selection of new paints, according to V H Sutherlen, Oldsmobile general sales manager. It can be seen Friday at McClain’s, 1710 Clarksville St., in Paris [Texas].

Sutherlen said that the 1958 Oldsmobile which will be on display at Oldsmobile dealers beginning November 8 is offering a variety of paint and trims covering 22 different colors, 13 of which are brand new, 66 recommended two-tone combinations, and some 55 upholstery selections.

New hues in the ’58 Oldsmobile color choice are surf green, marlin blue, pearl gray, sterling gray, sandstone, autumn haze, canyon glow, heather, mountain haze, champagne mist, turquoise mist, tropical mist and charcoal. Nine hold-over colors also are available. They are onyx black, festival red, Allegheny green, Banff blue, Alaskan white, desert glow, rose mist, jade mist and Victorian white.

See the 1958 Oldsmobile's dramatic new look! (1957)

Five high-metallic acrylic base paints, plus Victorian white, are offered at extra cost. These high metallic colors are champagne mist, jade mist, turquoise mist, rose mist and tropical mist.

Introduced for the first time by Oldsmobile in 1956, these high-metallic lacquers offer the advantage of greatly increased color and luster retention and resistance to stains and discoloration.

In addition to these high-metallic color choices, Sutherlen disclosed that Oldsmobile would make available two additional acrylic base paints — heather and mountain haze — at no added cost. These two quality lacquers can be used in two-tone combinations with themselves or with Victorian White.

See the 1958 Oldsmobile's dramatic new look! (1957)

Two-tone color styling will be available on the 1958 models. This appears as one color for the roof and another for the hood, front fenders, doors, trunk lid and rear fenders.

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The tasteful and luxurious “fashion-flair” interiors of the 1958 Oldsmobile serve to accentuate the dramatic newness of the “mobile look,” according to Sutherlen. The metal panels on the sides of the front seat base are of brushed aluminum on some models and of textured metal in harmonizing colors in others.”

For 1958, nine types of upholstery material in differing weaves and patterns are offered in Oldsmobile’s three series. All Holiday models combine genuine leather or Moroccan with long-wearing nylon fabrics.

Representing automotive luxury at its best, the ’58 Holiday sedan utilizes a combination of genuine hand-buffed leather bolster material with new design three-dimensional upholstery, the puffed nylon fabric which Oldsmobile first introduced to the industry in 1957. Altogether, three new three-dimensional designs will appear on the 1958 Oldsmobiles.

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Super “88” Holiday sedan

Oldsmobile for 1958 offers a completely restyled body. The distinctive styling in this Super “88” Holiday sedan harmoniously employs horizontal trim to emphasize its long, flowing lines and low silhouette.

Dominant in Oldsmobile’s 1958 styling are striking twin blades that sweep down the rear fender crown. The enlarged rear window extends 2-1/2 inches into the new thin-line roof. The massive rear bumper has unique twin back-up lights at each extremity, with twin emblems and the Oldsmobile name on the rear deck.

Choice of three Rocket engines with improved economy is offered in the 1958 Oldsmobile, which has a smoother Jetaway Hydra-Matic transmission and New-Matic Ride, a new concept of air suspension, available as desirable options.

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1958 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday Coupe classic car

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