Classic Chrysler Newport cars from the ’60s & ’70s

Classic Chrysler Newport cars from the 60s and 70s

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Chrysler ’61, featuring the Newport — a full-size Chrysler in a new, lower price range

Can’t afford it? Price the Newport! The Newport! The beautiful surprise from Chrysler. Proof that Chrysler’s still in the business of building them full-size only. No Jr. editions!

And what do you get for its new, lower price? A new Firebolt V-8 delivered 510 miles on a tankful of regular gas in a Mobil Oil supervised test. Torsion-bar suspension, perennial favorite of the road-test experts.

Unibody — one-piece welded, specially padded and sprayed to muffle noise, dipped in seven different baths to prevent rust. And there’s a new aircraft-type alternator that produces electric current even at engine idle.

Road-test the roomy Newport. Then get set for a surprise at the price.

Chrysler Newport - Classic car from 1961

1966 Chrysler Newport

Ever try to stop a landslide? That’s as hard as keeping people from buying Chryslers. There must be a reason. Reasons is more like it.

A fresh, proud Take Charge look. An optional 440 cubic inch V-8. The biggest in the price class. So are the brakes. A new 3-in-1 front seat for some models. Room for three when you need it. Converts to individually adjustable seats for two. 
Oct 21, 1966 Chrysler Newport

Move up to the ’66 Chrysler Newport

Oct 29, 1965 '66 Chrysler Newport

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’66 Chrysler Newport: The only thing a Chrysler hasn’t got is a big price tag.

If you’ve been thinking a Chrysler automatically means big money, you’re in for a happy kind of surprise.

The 2-door hard-top, in our new Bronze color — equipped with a 383 cu. in. V-8, automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, radio, heater, white-walls and deluxe wheel covers — is actually priced just a few dollars a month more than the most popular smaller cars you might ordinarily consider, equipped the same way.

Also included is a very comforting package of safety equipment — seat belts, padded dash and sun visors, safety-action door handles, back-up lights, Safety-Rim wheels, and more. Now that you know how really easy it is to do — go see your Chrysler dealer and move up … move now.

Chrysler Newport - Classic car from 1966

’68 Chrysler Newport giving smaller cars a run for your money

We’re giving the smaller cars a run for your money.  But it isn’t really a fair contest. Not when a Chrysler Newport is priced just a few dollars more a month than the most popular smaller cars, comparably equipped.

Not when that slight price difference buys you all this: A 383 cu. in, V-8 that runs on regular gas. The longest wheelbase in Newport’s class.  The best overage resale value in our history.

68 Chrysler Newport

When you buy a big car nameplate, make sure a big car is attached

The ’68 Chrysler Newport

Chrysler Newport - Classic car from 1968

1968 Chrysler Newport

68 Chrysler Newport - Classic car

Chrysler Newport – Classic car from 1969

The luxury you’ve always dreamed about.Your dream of quiet elegance. Now a dream come true. With the great new Chrysler.

The newness of a Chrysler Newport. New styling. New performance. And all yours for a surprisingly low price. The surprise of a Chrysler that’s priced just a few dollars

Chrysler Newport - Classic car from 1969

Your next car. The affordable dream. (1969)

Now a dream closer to you than ever before. A dream you can reach out and touch. The great new Chrysler Newport. Chrysler luxury. And Chrysler prestige. Yet, its price is surprisingly low.

1969 Chrysler Newport classic car

’69 Chrysler Newport

If you paid $3,000 for your last car, your next car could be the great new Chrysler.

1969 Chrysler Newport

1970: Your next car should look this beautiful

Chrysler Newport - Classic car from 1970 - 1969 debut

Chrysler Newport - Classic car from 1970

1970 Oldsmobile Toronado: The ultimate luxury car

The ’74 Chrysler Newport

The '74 Chrysler Newport

1977 Chrysler Newport. $5374: It’s a lot of Chrysler for the money.

With Chrysler Newport for 1977, you get all the traditional values, values like size, comfort and handling, with the additional value of a most reasonable price. Now at that price, consider all the standard features of Chrysler Newport: automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, steel-belted radial tires (whitewalls shown, $48 extra).

And for the thoughtful driver, Chrysler Newport has the engine that thinks. The Lean Burn Engine. It contains a small computer that constantly monitors engine conditions and adjusts ignition timing with split-second accuracy. The result is more responsive acceleration and Performance.

Evaluate Chrysler Newport for 1977; measure its worth in terms of its substantial standard features. Whether you lease or buy, you’ll find it’s impressive, from top to bottom line. See your Chrysler-Plymouth dealer.

1977 Chrysler Newport cars

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Introducing the totally new 1979 Chrysler Newport: $6,089

1979 Chrysler Newport

’79 Chrysler Newport

At $6,762, the Chrysler Newport shown is sticker-priced like a comparably-equipped Chevy Caprice. That’s an unexpected price to pay for all the things you expect in a car built by Chrysler.

Things like the excellence of Chrysler engineering and attention to detail. Like extensive new corrosion protection. Like that very special Chrysler feel and ride. And you probably didn’t expect a car this size to deliver good gas mileage. Yet it does that, too.

Check Newport’s impressive standard features. Compare Newport’s price. Now you know. Chrysler – excellence is beautifully affordable.

79 Chrysler Newport - Classic cars

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  1. Beautiful affordable car. @$6,700 in 79’ here’s an example of the value. You could purchase 2 Newports for the price of a new Buick Riviera.

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