Busy day desserts with Jello pudding (1959)

Work all day? You’ll say hooray for Jell-O “busy day” dessert

No cooking! Just whip Jell-O Instant Pudding — the busy day dessert — with fresh cold milk, and there you are. A light ‘n luscious, wholesome treat the whole family will enjoy.

Keep several flavors on hand and serve often. Sometimes, just for fun, try one of the surprise touches pictured here.

Busy day dessert ideas from April 1959

  • Top lemon dessert with mint jelly, a sprig of mint
  • Strawberries ‘n cream for strawberry dessert
  • Circle butterscotch pudding with frosted cookies
  • Spoon cherry preserves over vanilla pudding
  • Hide marshmallows and nuts in chocolate pudding



Busy day desserts from October 1959

  • Vanilla dessert: Sweet and tart fruit cocktail spooned on
  • Butterscotch pudding: Crunchy salted peanuts and whipped cream
  • Banana pudding: A swirm of chocolate sauce with fresh banana slices
  • Coconut cream dessert: With coconut flakes, a slice of rosy peach
  • Chocolate pudding: With crisp sugar wafers and marshmallow


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