Daylight time savers: Quick & easy summer recipes (1969)

1969 Summer recipes - Daylight time savers recipe book

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The Daylight Time-Savers are here!

Open here for 28 ways to make short work of cooking during the long summer days >>

1969 Summer recipes - Daylight time savers - Dinner recipe book

Daylight Time-Savers #1

V-8 Cocktail Vegetable Juice… from dawn… ’til dusk

Eye opener / V-8 perfection salad / Pizza punch / Sunset cocktail

1969 Summer recipes with V8 vegetable juice

Daylight Time-Savers #2

Take a minute – make a meal: O so good, O so easy… with Franco-American

Chicken Oriental O Salad / Ring O Salad / FrankettiOs / Meatballs BravO

1969 Summer recipes - Quick meals and salads

Daylight Time-Savers #3

Short-notice suppers made with soup

Hamburger stacks / Lamb chop skillet/ Luncheon meat kabobs / Shrimp sauce for fish

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1969 Summer recipes - Short-notice suppers

Daylight Time-Savers #3

Short-notice suppers made with soup (part II)

Deviled egg skillet / Quick party chicken / Ham and potato salad / Springtime meatballs

1969 Summer recipes - Suppers with soup

Daylight time savers #4: Easy shortcuts to the heart of a meal

Keep cool and cook up a hearty main dish — quick and easy with Bounty

Chili Pizza / Peppy Hash / Chicken Stew a la Roma / Wayfarer’s Inn Beef Stew

1969 Summer recipes - Stew and chili

Daylight time savers #5: Soups are a breeze

Hot soups, cold soups, main dish soups — keep your cool when you make them in minutes with Campbell’s

Lamb curry soup / Seafood soup bowl / Chicken cucumber soup / Stroganoff soup

Daylight time savers 5 Quick easy summer recipes (1969)

Daylight time savers #6: Short & sweet

Lickety-Thick Milk Shake / Lemon Tree Salad Dressing / Rice Ambrosia / Tiger Twist

1969 Summer recipes - Bounty canned puddings

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