Vintage pudding cups were smooth, spoonable snacks we loved, starting back in the ’70s

Vintage pudding cups chocolate and vanilla snacks from the 1970s 1980s 1990s

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In a way, tasty little pudding cups like these represent the evolution of packaged food.

For example, way back in the day, the job of making pudding from scratch meant a lot of work and time over a hot stove. (To see what we mean, check out some antique chocolate pudding recipes here.)

Then came packaged “cook and serve” pudding mix in a box. Eventually, so-called instant pudding mix was introduced, which required no cooking.

Then there were big cans of pudding on store shelves, then little cans of pudding (like those from Hunt’s shown below), and finally single-serving plastic cups of pudding.

Of course, these tasty vintage pudding cups were supposedly made for kids… but we know that plenty of adults loved the taste and convenience of these to-go desserts. How many of the flavors do you remember?

Hunt’s: Peel open our new banana flavor pudding (1970s)

…or any of Hunt’s Snack Pack’s 8 other delicious fruit and pudding flavors.

A new creamy banana pudding has now joined the Hunt’s Snack Pack bunch.

Kids say the puddings give you horsepower! ‘Cause they’re raring to go with food energy… food energy active people need. Pack ’em in lunch boxes. Pack ’em on trips. Pack ‘em along anywhere:

Hunt’s Snack Pack Desserts go anywhere with you.

Flavors as of 1971 were: Chocolate, vanilla, chocolate fudge, lemon, butterscotch & banana-flavored puddings.

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Vintage 1970s Hunt Snack Pack banana pudding cup

Hunt’s canned Snack Packs (1970s)

Hunt’s Snack Pack is the perfect lunchbox dessert. There are lots of creamy-rich pudding flavors like chocolate pudding. And delicious fruits snacks like applesauce.

Each packed in a single-serving can with a pop open top. Send them of to school or work. Take em on a picnic or car ride.

Keep ’em handy for anytime snack. Open ’em carefully and eat ’em anyway.

Hunt’s Snack Pack goes anywhere with you.

Retro seventies Hunt's Snack Pack pudding cups

Cool’n Creamy pudding leaves home. (1972)

Next time you go somewhere, take along something that’s cold and creamy. Birds Eye Cool’n Creamy pudding.

Cool’n Creamy cups come frozen. Thaw in about 3 hours. So they’re ready to eat just about the time you’re ready to eat them.

Cool’n Creamy cups are rich and smooth, like pudding. And they’re cool and creamy, like ice cream.

There’s light chocolate, dark chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla. If you can’t make up your mind which one to take, take one of each.

New Cool’n Creamy cups. The best thing since ice cream.

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Old Birds Eye Cool n Creamy pudding cups - frozen (1972)

Swiss Miss chocolate pudding (1978)

The fresher the pudding, the bigger the smile.

Swiss Miss dairy case puddings are the freshest puddings he can take to school. They’re made from fresh skim milk, so they’re in your grocer’s dairy case.

And Swiss Miss Puddings are specially sealed to keep that dairy case freshness all day, even overnight, without refrigeration. Of course, for longer periods, or if opened, they should be refrigerated.

Send ’em to school with Swiss Miss dairy case pudding.

Vintage seventies Swiss Miss chocolate pudding cups 4-pack (1978)

Hunt’s Snack Pack portable puddings (1987)

Snack Pack puddings new plastic pack is worth some investigation.

A quick zip of the easy-open lid uncovers the delicious aroma. One taste and you’ll savor the creamy smoothness. Upon closer inspection, you detect it’s made fresh with milk.

But it needs no refrigeration. Snack Pack Pudding. A taste so unmistakable, you’ll want to investigate it again and again.

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Retro 1987 Hunt's Snack Pack chocolate pudding cup

Swiss Miss Pudding Sundae cups (1987)

Swiss Miss Pudding Sundae combos included vanilla with fudge topping, chocolate with fudge topping, mint with fudge topping, and peanut butter with fudge topping.

Regular pudding flavors included chocolate, vanilla, tapioca, chocolate fudge and butterscotch

Swiss Miss Pudding Sundae cups (1987)

Pudding: What dunks the donut (1990)

Get your kids off donuts and other sweet snacks with Del Monte Pudding Cup.

It’s real milk pudding in six great flavors. And kids love to snack on them anytime, anywhere. Wholesome Del Monte Pudding Cup will dunk the donuts every time.

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Vintage Del Monte Pudding Cup - Vanilla (1990)

Chew the right thing (1991)

If your kids love the taste of bubble gum, they’ll love creamy new Del Monte Bubble Gum Pudding.

And so will you. Because it’s a wholesome snack made with skim milk. Also try new Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding. They’ll make everybody happy. And they’re only from Del Monte.

Vintage Del Monte bubblegum flavor snack pudding cups (1991)

Spread the good news: Chocolate-peanut butter pudding (1991)

New Del Monte Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding is good news for everyone.

Kids love the creamy combo of two great tastes. Moms love serving a wholesome snack made with skim milk. Also try new Bubble Gum Pudding. They’re only from Del Monte.

Vintage Del Monte chocolate-peanut butter snack pudding cups (1991)

Hershey’s Free chocolate bar flavor puddings (1992)

Whoever said the best things in life are free must have tasted our new puddings.

Fat free, cholesterol free, and only 100 calories. Three things that make new Hershey’s Free Puddings too good to pass up.

Three chocolate-lover flavors only Hershey’s could cook up: Hershey’s Kisses — Chocolate & Vanilla, Hershey’s Chocolate, and Hershey’s Chocolate Fudge. So feel free to indulge.

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Vintage Hershey's Free fat-free pudding cups (1992)

New Jell-O Stir ‘n Snack pudding (1996)

Now you can conquer snack attacks one cup at a time.

Just add a scoop to milk, then stir, and in five minutes, you’ll be snacking on your very own cup of smooth, creamy chocolate or vanilla Jell-O pudding. If you can stir, you can snack.

Vintage Jell-O Stir N Snack individual pudding mix cans (1996)

Jello-O Rocky Road pudding (1996)

If life is a Rocky Road, at least it’s now fat free.

The flavor you love, now in fat free pudding. It’s a Rocky Road that’s smooth and creamy. ‘Cause, honestly, who needs bumps.

Vintage 1996 Rocky Road layered Jell-O pudding cup

Fat free Jell-O pudding snacks (1996)

Never skip a snack.

The pudding you need. The fat you don’t. Creamy chocolate, luscious vanilla, devil’s food and swirls.

Fat free. But your taste buds will never know it. Grab a snack. And feel no guilt.

Retro Jello fat-free pudding cups (1996)

Portable Handi-Snacks Kids retro pudding cups (1999)

Handi-Snacks Kids chocolate pudding cups (1999)

Handi-Snacks Kids vanilla pudding cups (1999)

Taste like somebody loves you. (1999)

(A young ballerina tries out a retro Hunt’s milk chocolate Snack Pack pudding cup.)

The old Hunts Snack Pack pudding cups (1999)

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