7 old-fashioned gas ranges for ’50s kitchens

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Old-fashioned white gas kitchen ranges from the 50s

Magic Chef gas range (1950)

“Folks say our food’s like lunch at the St Moritz since we got our new simple-to-use Magic Chef gas range…” And how the famly will cheer your Magic Chef Meals! You’ll be cooking like expert chefs at famous hotels — they use Magic Chef, too.

Vintage Magic Chef gas range from 1950

Such nice things happen when you take Tappan: 1950s gas range

Nice looking! Beautiful, modern exterior with pleasingly balanced design; graceful cove top, gleaming chrome oven interior. Easy-to-work-at, easy-to-clean, roomy divided top.

Nice cooking! Exclusive Tel-U-Set brings automatic cooking to your fingertips even if you live beyond the gas mains . . . assures you perfect results every time. Wonderful for modern low-temperature cooking methods.

And such a nice buy! Whatever price you intend to pay for a range, Tappan brings you top value for your money. Models for city gas, Philgas or other LP Gas.

Crisp-Chest keeps cereals, crackers, potato chips, condiments, salt, sugar dry and fresh. The Crisp-Chest is ideal for the storage of all foods that require protection from moisture.

Automatic lighting of all burners — automatic oven heat control — automatic oven time control automatic oven illumination — automatic interval timer — automatic “burner on” signals

Old-fashioned Tappan gas range from 1950

Ultramatic Caloric gas ranges (1950)

“My Caloric spoiled me for any other range”

While on a visit, one Caloric owner reports, she used a different range, and couldn’t help comparing it with her Caloric at home. “Decided that my Caloric had spoiled me for any other range.”

And it’s true. Cooking on the fast, automatic Caloric is bringing to thousands of housewives a new world of ease and convenience. See the new models at your Caloric dealer (listed in Classified Phone Book). Caloric Stove Corporation, Widener Building, Philadelphia 7, Pa.

WORK SAVING FEATURES: Flavor-Saver Dual Burners speed cooking, light automatically. Center Simmer Flame saves gas, keeps exact boiling heat. Automatic Oven Timer (optional) cooks meals while you’re away. Turns on and off automatically.

EASY CLEANING FEATURES: Porcelain Enamel finish inside and out. Triple-Coat Acid-Resisting white parts. Veri-Clean Removable Broiler washes like a dish in your sink. Smokeless-Lo Rack and Pan. Seamless Oven, Broiler and Burner Box have rounded corners. Can’t hold dirt. 

Old-fashioned Caloric gas stove-range from 1950

How gas ranges saved money in the ’50s

Save $30 to $100 now… You get the best for less this Caloric CP gas range and all the other completely new, completely automatic 1950 gas ranges built to CP standards prove again that Gas has got it! Save up to $37 year after year.

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Retro white gas range from 1950s

White vintage gas kitchen range from the fifties

Vintage gas range - ovens burners from 1951

Magic Chef gas range: The “one and only” range for you (1955)

Only One range brings you so many modern work-saving features to shorten your kitchen hours, make cooking results sure.

Magic Flame Uni-Burner with exact heat control . . . cooler Magic-Lite automatic pilots . . . accurate Red Wheel Oven Heat Regulator . . . convenient Magic Oven-Eye . . . easy-to-use Swing Out Broiler . . .

These are just a few of the many feature-firsts pioneered by Magic Chef. Enjoy the finest in quality and performance. See the “One and Only” Magic Chef before you buy and you’ll know why . . .

Vintage Magic Chef gas range from 1955

White gas stove kitchen and ovens (1955)

You’ll be “years ahead” with these fabulous all-new gas ranges

From Caloric, master maker of fine appliances, comes this colorful, brilliantly designed new line of gas ranges. Here in the Palm Springs, White Sands and Sea Isle models by Caloric, you’ll find every feature you want.

From the colored lighting of the backguard to the automatic Barlicquer and the extra-large “Harvest” oven, every detail has been designed to give you the easiest, the very best cooking you’ve ever had … plus smart, modern styling you’ll be proud to show your friends.

What is it you want in your now range? Two ovens? A rotisserie? A high broiler? A choice of backguard colors to harmonize with kitchen decimations? Automatic performance? Instant lighting?

Whatever the features that you personally want, you’ll find them in these brilliant new Caloric gas ran, with their “years ahead” styling by Peter Muller-Munk Associates. They’re ready and waiting for you now at your dealer. See them soon, the most exciting, thc most fabulous ranges in more than 60 ycars of Caloric progress.

White gas stove kitchen and ovens 1955



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