2 different retro desserts called Banana Boats (1974)

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Kraft marshmallows launch a banana boat
Banana Boats dessert recipe


One 3-1/4 ounce package vanilla pudding/pie mix
1/2 cup heavy cream, whipped
1-1/2 cups miniature marshmallows, or 15 Kraft marshmallows
Vanilla wafers
2 bananas, sliced


Prepare mix as package directs for pudding. Cover surface of pudding with transparent wrap; chill.

Fold in whipped cream and miniature marshmallows. (Quarter Jet-Puffed Marshmallows directly into pudding mixture using scissors dipped in water.)

Line bottom and sides of 10 x 6 inch baking dish with wafers. Pour in half of the pudding mixture. Cover with banana slices; top with remaining pudding. Chill. Garnish as desired.

Makes 6 servings

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Banana Boat dessert (1974)


Make these on the BBQ: Grilled Banana Boats

For each banana boat peel back a long strip of banana peel along the inside curve, leaving one end attached to the banana.

Scoop out about one-half of the banana and fill with a large marshmallow, cut in half, and two or three pieces milk chocolate or several semi-sweet chocolate baking bits. Replace the strip of peel. (If peel has broken off, place peel back on the banana and secure in place by wrapping ends of banana with foil.)

Place filled bananas in coals for about 15 minutes or until chocolate and marshmallows are melted and skins are black.

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