Trick or treat! See some of the vintage Halloween masks & costumes you could get at the drugstore back in the ’60s & ’70s

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Vintage and retro Halloween costumes - Collegeville in the 60s and 70s (1)

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Costumes popular for Halloween funsters (1974)

Evening Herald (Shenandoah, Pennsylvania) October 31, 1974

Down in the spook works, Halloween costumes are made.

These store-bought costumes for the current Halloween were designed in 1973. And the ones for 1975 are being drawn up right now.

For a preview of what the little hobgoblins will be wearing Halloween, I talked with William Wimmer, an executive of one of the big two Halloween costume makers.

His firm, Collegeville, in Collegeville, Pa., and Ben Cooper Inc. in New York turn out most Halloween costumes — and that includes some for adults.

Old Halloween masks you could buy in the sixties and seventies (2)

The hottest costume in the adult line is the Oil Sheik. More than a thousand dozen were sold way before Halloween. In fact, much to Wimmer’s regret, the costume was out of stock weeks before Halloween. (It moved fast, too, in the juvenile line.)

The Sheik costume for adults outpaced the Shadow, Clown, Devil, Fortune Teller, Hobo, Skeleton and Witch.

In the juvenile department, the newest thing is costumes with lights that blink. The flasher-light unit is fixed into the head part of the mask and is said to be safe. Characters in the flasher-light rig include clown, devil, princess, dragon, and spooky monster.


In the tiny tot department, Casper the Friendly Ghost is the rage. The little kiddies also like Teddy Bear, Fluffy Kitten, White Rabbit, Friendly Lion, Bugs Bunny and Clowns.

These harmless disguises all pretend to be spittin’ images of characters found by children in cartoons, movies and storyland.

In the costume line for older children, there are frightening characters but also some letting the boys and girls go as contemporary Idols. Namely — Football Superstar, Blues Singer, Beauty Queen, Soul Singer.

These vintage Halloween costumes based on '70s TV shows were creepy for all the wrong reasons

Halloween costumes are keeping up with the fever building toward the nation’s bicentennial. For girls, there are costumes of an Indian Princess, Miss Liberty, Betsy Ross. Boys can select from among the following costumes: Uncle Sam, George Washington, Indian and Brave.

Vintage Collegeville costumes and masks from 1960s

To keep tuned to safety, many of the commercially made costumes have stripes that glow when lights hit them. Another safety twist: Costumes that are mostly all white — more easily seen at night.

At the Cooper firm, Planet of the Apes characters are new this year and the costumes include Caesar, Lisa and Warrior. Other costumes from comics, the movies and television — Star Trek, Kung Fu, Batman, Superman.

From the World of Walt Disney cartoons and creations are the all-time favorites — Donald Duck, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse.

Monsters are big with the kids and costumes catering to this appetite include the Creature, Wolfman, the Mummy, Vampire, Frankenstein, Spiderman.

Makeup sets offer the chance to look like almost anything or anyone. Expect a lot of Planet of the Apes trick-n-treaters. A hot item is a Planet of the Apes make-up set.

Vintage Halloween Costumes from Collegeville 1975 inlcuding Sheik

Monster-Glo Costumes (1966)

Black Cat – Devil – Body Snatcher – Monster – Skeleton – Ghastly Genie – Vampire – Ghoul


Collegeville Halloween costumes (1966)

Black Cat – Cinderella – Monster – Pirate – Hobo – Skeleton


Vintage Halloween Costumes - 1966 Collegeville (1)

Have a safe, kid-friendly Meet 'n Treat Halloween party! An alternative to trick-or-treating for Halloween from the 1970s

Old plastic masks including Planet of the Apes, Frankenstein, Witch, Princess & Pirate

Cheap vintage Halloween masks (2)

Vintage Collegeville Halloween masks from 1960s

Astronaut, Cinderella, Clown, Devil, Hootenanny, Monster, Pirate, Princess, Secret Agent, Skull, Tiger, Witch

Black cat, Brute, Clown, Devil, Ghastly Gertie, Ghost, Ghoul, Monster, Red Skull, Body Snatcher, Vampire, Witch

Bat, Brute, Ghastly Gertie, Gorilla, Ghoul, Monster, Body Snatcher, Weird-O, Fink.

Vintage Collegeville masks from 1960s

Halloween costume & mask sets: Popeye, Hagar the Horrible, Lil’ Tiger, Stripe the Pup, The Phantom, Skeleton

Vintage and retro Halloween costumes - Collegeville in the 60s and 70s (2)

Vintage Halloween masks & costumes: Sylvester, Daffy Duck, Mr Do Bee (from Romper Room), Underdog & Bullwinkle

Vintage and retro Halloween costumes - Collegeville in the 60s and 70s (3)

Ill-fitting cheap costumes! Bugs Bunny, Hot Wheels, Road Runner, Casper the Friendly Ghost

Vintage and retro Halloween costumes - Collegeville in the 60s and 70s (4)

Cool and creepy Halloween cupcakes - a spider, monster, witch, pumpkin & others - will charm a crowd this Halloween (1990s)

Actual Flying Nun and Bugs Bunny masks

Cheap vintage Halloween masks (1)


Complete costumes for the wee folk (1966)

Clown – Kitten – Blue Fairy (sparkle velvet decorations) – Red Riding Hood – Pirate – Rabbit – Skeleton – Witch



Amazing rubber masks – Comic wigs – Funny hair

Creepy vintage rubber Halloween masks

17 Vintage Halloween pin-up girls from the '30s & '40s for a different kind of pumpkin cheesecake

Vintage kids’ Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating

Vintage pirate costume from 1962

Spooky stickers: 16 vintage Halloween sticker sheets from the seventies & eighties

1962 Halloween candy

LIFE Oct 19, 1962 dixie cups

Famous Collegeville Safety Halloween Costumes (1967)


Vintage Halloween Costumes (1968)

Collegeville safety Halloween Costumes – $1.58

The Witch – Mr Spock – Dr Doolittle – Bugs Bunny – Casper


These vintage Halloween costumes based on '70s TV shows were creepy for all the wrong reasons

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