Smart summery ’50s swimsuits for women (1955)

Smart summery 50s swimsuits for women

Smart summery 50s swimsuits for women

’50s swimsuits: New beach look bathed in color

A flood of colors, bright as summer sunshine, is bursting on the scene to cheer you into visions of gay sun resorts.

The colors, on swimsuits of worldwide flavor and design, splash the collections unveiled at the California Fashion Creators’ press show in Los Angeles.

Fred Cole, who heads Cole of California, predicts that “almost everything worn at resort beaches this season will be yellow. It is a clear, strong, happy yellow that is becoming to blondes, brunettes or redheads, and is doubly wonderful with a tan.”

Although Cole favors yellow, there are plenty of suits with touches of green, coral, red, black, blue, brown, slate and white.

Jantzen is following a trend with its “International set,” a culmination of three years’ work on designs inspired from all corners of the earth. These international fashions highlight the current trend to lengthen the torso and to make necklines a focal point.

Fabrics displayed include textured tweeds, elasticized knits, boucle latex and hand-woven and imported cottons.

For pool-side glamour, suits of elasticized nylon lace are bidding for favor with others of bonbon metallic shimmering satin. There also is great interest in suits fashioned from a new stretch yarn that originally appeared in hosiery. Now, it has been adapted to use in swimwear by Jantzen, and is said to stretch to fit and cling like a second skin. It is one of the many styles in the popular revival of knitwear for the beach.

Make your husband happy: Wear a fashionable apron! (1911)

The hidden beauty secret inside all the Cole and Jantzen swim suits is an inner bra of air-conditioned foam rubber that lifts the bosom to mermaid-like curves.

’50s swimsuits: Summertime cotton swimwear by Catalina

For summer, nothing is more “fitting” than a Catalina cotton! These glamorous swimsuits slim the hips, diminish the waist, and give your bustline the gently rounded new look.

50s swimsuits - Summertime cotton swimwear by Catalina

“It” as in Italy – 50s swimsuits

… This is glamour, Italian style… the new all-girl natural beauty look, the alfresco look, the look of Gina and Silvana and Anna.

Jantzen: Most beautiful, most beautifying swimsuits in the world

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Jantzen: Most beautiful, most beautifying swimsuits

Sweethearts in 50s swimsuits

For you… and the one who makes your temperature rise… Catalina look-alike swimsuits!

50s swimsuits - Sweethearts in '50s swimsuits

Torso-oh! Thanks to Jantzen “Shapemakery”

Jantzen swimsuits from 1955

Lovely things happen to you in a Catalina (swimsuit)

Catalina summer swimsuits

Bathing beauties grow on trees

Jantzen '50s swimsuits

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