Vintage fun-in-the-sun fashions: Summer clothes from the 1950s

Vintage fun-in-the-sun fashions Summer playwear from the 1950s

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Playwear plans for summer: Casual hot-weather clothes from the 1950s

From Family Circle – June 1956

Whether you vacation at home or away, your choice of easy-to-wear play clothes will add to the enjoyment of leisure hours.

These fashions, all made of cool cottons, are designed for carefree living and summer comfort. Stripes — in many variations — predominate in the fabrics chosen, lending color and dash to these wearable designs.

Vintage playwear - summer fashhions for women from the 1950s (2)

Fun-in-the-sun fashions: More summer clothes from the fifties

Family favorites — striped-fabric swim suits Adult sizes 10-18; under $10. Matching sailor-collar jacket: Sizes S, M, L; under $8 Girl and toddler suits: Sizes S, M, L; under $4. All in turquoise, red, black. All by Jantzen.

These color-matched play clothes are ideal for fun in the sun. Mother wears a pin-stripe seersucker shirt with a square neckline and a paneled front. Under $3. Her Jamaica shorts, in a solid color, have a seersucker belt. Under $5.

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Shirt and shorts colors are pink, yellow, blue, or lilac. Both come in sizes 10-20. The little girl’s sun suit, of dotted plisse, is in pink or turquoise. Toddler sizes 1-3. Under $3.

The boy’s Hawaiian-type trunks, with front belt and elastic sides, come in pink, red, or turquoise plaid. Sizes 6-20. Under $4. All by Catalina.

Here Mother and Dad are wearing suits of identical Everglaze fabric in the Ticket to the Sun pattern. The man’s vented trunks, in sizes 28-42, are about $5; his jacket, in sizes 5, M, L, is under $6.

The woman’s swim suit has a halter neckline. Sizes 10-16. Under $11. Colors are red, blue, gold. The boy’s cotton trunks come in a blue-green-and-red plaid. Sizes 2-6x. Under $2. All by Gantner.

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Casual living and fun out-of-doors suggest the need for clothes that afford maximum exposure to the sun.

A picnic in your own back yard or a day at the shore can be twice the fun if for playtime hours, you choose comfortable carefree fashions such as those shown here.

In these styles, fit and fabric are all one could want; colors, as exotic as your own taste dictates.

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Vintage playwear - summer fashhions for women from the 1950s (4)

Easy, breezy casual summer clothes from the 1950s

Wyner’s Roman-stripe cotton knit trims the overblouse and makes the shorts of this two-piece play suit. Blouse of Stevens Twistsheen in white, red, navy. Under $5. Striped shorts, under $3. Both come in sizes 8-16. By Donovan.

Knitted-cotton T shirt with banded boat neck-line comes in assorted colorful stripes in sizes S, M, L. Under $4. Shorts, also in several colors, are of Galey & Lord Kayak. Sizes 10-20; 9-15. Under $6. Shirt and shorts are by Jantzen.

Vintage fun-in-the-sun fashions Summer playwear from the 1950s

Blazer jacket & middy-and-shorts outfit

Bold and beautiful, this cotton-knit blazer jacket has a wide boat neckline banded in solid color. In navy with red or honey; black with gold. The sizes are S, M, L. Under $6. Designed by Alberic.

No-iron poplin makes this middy-and-shorts outfit. Shorts (about $3.50) come in turquoise, black, green, or tan. Middy (about $3) is in white only. Both have braid trim. Sizes 10-18. Both by Paddle & Saddle.

Vintage playwear - summer fashhions for women from the 1950s (3)

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