Make a beautiful Easter egg tree craft with this vintage how-to

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Make a beautiful Easter egg tree with this '50s how-to

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Easter egg tree: A vintage craft project from 1958

The tradition of coloring eggs at Easter time inspired this lovely centerpiece which you can make and use year after year.

Materials you will need:

poster paint
gold spray
small artist’s brush
clear fingernail polish [Modern-day recommended alternative: Mod Podge]
casein glue [white glue recommended]
florist wire
poster board (for tree)


paper ribbon
gummed gold paper trim
colored paper

Beautiful Easter egg tree craft

How to make your Easter egg tree

Carefully puncture each end of raw egg with small sharp-pointed screw, turning screw gently in hole; empty contents of egg into dish by blowing through one end.

Bend a 15″ length of florist wire into tong shape to hold egg through punctured ends while painting, drying, and trimming it. With a pencil, mark out design to be painted on egg.

To make the paint adhere better, add one or two drops of glycerine to each tablespoon of paint. After painting, hang egg up to dry by looping string through tong handles.

When dry, coat entire egg with clear nail polish [Note: non-toxic Mod Podge recommended instead], and when that is dry, glue on trimmings as shown in the picture above, or according to your own design.

How to make adorable vintage Easter egg crafts
A look back at Easter in the 1950s

Girl in the '50s with Easter treats and toys

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