These vintage ‘insert dime’ greeting cards with coins were a big deal for kids

Vintage insert dime money cards for kids, from the 70s 80s

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Once upon a time, these greeting cards full of coins were very popular — and a super fun way for friends and family to give a kid a dollar!

Here’s a look back at some of these old ‘insert dime’ holiday greeting cards from the ’50s through the ’80s!

Vintage insert dime money card: Gumballs for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine treat just for you… Try some

Vintage insert dime money card - Gumballs for Valentine's Day

Retro 70s “insert dime” card

A magic money tree for you — Birthday card

Retro 70s card - A magic money tree with spaces for dimes

Some Easter dimes for you

Here’s a sweet vintage Easter card from the ’70s/’80s

Vintage Easter dimes card from the 1970s 1980s

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Vintage Insert Dime Christmas tree greeting card (1950s)

Cash for Christmas! “A magic money tree for you”

Vintage Insert Dime Christmas tree greeting card

Insert dime card – Christmas Santa (1950s)

Insert dime card - Christmas Santa 1950s

1970s Valentine’s Day card with spaces for coins

This “$something $special “card had a fun design and room for a dollar.

Vintage 1970s Valentine's Day card with spaces for coins - Insert dime slots

Vintage folded insert dime Valentine’s Day card

Vintage folded insert dime Valentine's Day card

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