Valentine's Day

Cute dog valentine card 1930s

Hearty parties on St Valentine’s Day (1935)

Valentine parties should be pretty things. Sentimental games should be played, hearts should abound in your decorations, and your refreshments should be molded to fit the occasion and decorated with your color scheme.

Retro pink girly Valentines from the ’70s

Valentine cards in the seventies -- at least those geared toward girls -- were anything but subtle. Hot pink, pale pink and red were big, as were the doll-like little girls' eyes and heads.

Collectible ruby glass (1967)

Collectible ruby glass Anyone visiting Niagara Falls or a county fair in the 1890s was likely to bring home a piece of ruby-stained pattern glass as a souvenir. Such novelties, turned out in hundreds of presse... Click to read more...

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