How old New York City used to be considered a summer vacation resort

1912 Central Park, showing Plaza Hotel, New York City

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Vacation in New York City: The summer resort! (1911)

The gateway to all mountain, lake & coast resorts of the east

New York City invites you to consider her claims as the most attractive and healthful SUMMER RESORT in the east, and extends you a cordial invitation to come and enjoy her thousand and one attractions.

On the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by rivers and bays, the climatic conditions are most healthful. Perpetually fanned by cooling breezes; the city itself is cool and comfortable during the summer months, while in many other eastern points, the thermometer registers high.

Lake and Terrace, Central Park, New York 1905

Hotels, the best-conducted and most modern in the world, advantageously located in the center of this great metropolis, offer the summer vacationist, for a short or lengthy visit, ideal accommodations at especially low rates during the summer months.

Unrivaled transportation facilities place one readily in touch with the most entertaining, novel and latest of summer pastimes. The charm of the seaside country or mountains is within your call; delightful trips by boat, motor, trolley or train enable you to enjoy a different and diversified outing every day of your visit; roof gardens high above the city’s flashing lights, outdoor theatres and restaurants, and a multitude of other summer pastimes provide an evening’s entertainment unequalled and obtainable nowhere but in New York City.

Vacation in New York City summer resort

Opportunities to advantageously shop where modern fashion originates, to view the latest creation in art, to see the march of progress in every phase and exhibits exemplifying every industry, to participate in or witness any known outdoor sport, to indulge as fancy dictates in all that is best in summer pleasures, to enjoy a summer vacation in one of the greatest resort centres of the universe — where a visit for a day, week or month is replete with health, pleasure and happiness.

COME TO NEW YORK CITY FOR THIS YEAR’S VACATION and make your headquarters at hotels that set the standard for comfort, luxury and convenience.

1912 Central Park, showing Plaza Hotel, New York City

Colonel Watterson says New York is the best summer resort

New York a cool and comfortable place in which to spend the summer vacation

“New York is the greatest summer resort in the world.” Colonel Henry M Watterson of Louisville, Kentucky, who has for years made the metropolis his headquarters during the good old summertime, annihilates the mistaken idea as to the heat in New York during the summer.

Vintage New York City in the summertime (3)

Says “Marse” Henry, who spends all of his summer vacations in the city, “New York is especially the greatest of summer resorts. Of the hundred days we call summer — I think I have said that before — fifty are charming in town; as to the other fifty, a few minutes will take one to fifty places in the country, or by the sea. There is nothing like this adjacent to London or Paris. Ostend is a baby compared to Coney Island. At all times, the roof gardens afford refreshment and delight.”

The charm of summering in New York lies in the unrivaled transportation facilities of the great seaport. One is enabled to stop at the most comfortable hotels in the world, and yet enjoy the country and the ocean…

In all the world, there is no such combination of the best delights of both city and country in summer days as it to be found within the borders of Greater New York.   Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) – July 25, 1911

Vintage New York City in the summertime (2)

More views of New York long ago – the summer resort for your great vacation

Vintage New York City in the summertime (7)

Vintage New York City in the summertime (6)

Vintage New York City in the summertime (8)


Vintage New York City in the summertime (1)

Vintage New York City in the summertime (4)

Vintage New York City in the summertime (5)

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