25 ideas for Christmas door decorations from the 1950s: Be inspired by doors of yore!

Vintage Christmas door decorations from the 1950s

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These mid century Christmas door decorations would still work today…

Dress up your doors — inside & out — with a retro Christmas decoration vibe

In the postwar 1950s — when the American economy and babies were booming — thriving suburbs bursting with brand new tract homes popped up all over the country.

Reveling in their new-found prosperity, 50s families enjoyed a new Christmas tradition: Extravagantly decorating their homes for the holidays. (A tradition we continue escalating to all-new levels!)

The nature of outdoor Christmas decorations has changed over the years. Strands of lights were, of course, ubiquitous from the get-go, even as specific lighting styles have evolved over the years.

These days we may have gigantic sculptures and inflatable Santas on our lawns, among other festive tableaus — not to mention lavish light show productions with a synchronized musical program (possibly even uploaded to YouTube or TikTok for the whole world to enjoy!).

Christmas door decorations from the 1950s (1957)

Families in the 50s, however, were more likely to lend special care to how they decorated their front doors, and enter their elegantly decorated home into a neighborhood contest, one that was perhaps sponsored by their local power company.

Whether you’re a nostalgia buff or looking for some 50s-inspired Christmas door decorations for your mid-century home (or both!), we have some fun and festive ideas from these doors of yore.

Festive lighted Christmas door decorations

On the left is a big shiny red bow, while on the right is a retro-style tall Christmas tree design outlined in yellow outdoor twinkle lights

Christmas front door decorations from the 1950s (1)

A few small objects, importantly grouped, create large-size drama

From 1957: See how you can compose small objects into large, impressive effects. Make the stylized wreathing by stapling separate leaves to a frame of cardboard, overlapping each leaf. Use laurel, rhododendron or paper.

Door wreaths are inset with red-sprayed Styrofoam wreaths, centered with a pleated paper sunburst and scattered with sequins — all easy to get, inexpensive materials.

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Vintage Christmas door decorations (1957)

Simple but sweet ribbon stripes on this 50s front door

From 1958: A simple ribbon treatment on a plain slab door is a very easy but tremendously effective decoration for the holidays. For double beauty, repeat the design on the inside. Ribbons can be fixed with tacks or double-faced cellophane tape.

If you have a glass area near the entrance, as here, in the Dr. Marco Rogo home, place your Christmas tree near it, so the lights shine through with their warm, inviting glow.

Christmas front door decorations from the 1950s (2)

Vintage paper Christmas door decorations

Blue holiday wrapping paper serves as the background for these two angels

Christmas front door decorations from the 1950s (3)

Christmas door decorations with classic beauty

From 1958: To be truly beautiful, the decorations you use in and about your home should be in keeping with its style of architecture, its period of decoration, and the color scheme you have used.

For the bronzed, classic beauty of the Keuhnaman doorway, Edward Axman and Walter Sorenson made plaques of cones, nuts and leaves, and a pair of stylized trees. The dramatic effect is greater because the designs are so right for their setting.

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Vintage Christmas front door decorations from the 1950s

Golden door decorations are cut from metallic foil

Christmas door decorations from the 1950s (1)

Old-fashioned Christmas door decorations: A dove and a silver bag of ornaments (1958)

From 1958: Silver rope, a luxuriously plump and gleaming twist of metallic yarns, comes six feet long, with a sumptuous large tassel at each end.

It’s supple and easy to drape, so its glamorizing possibilities are limitless. See it below putting the finishing touch to a swag basket full of satin Christmas ornaments. 

Christmas front door decorations from the 1950s (4)

Lovely vintage 50s Christmas wreaths

Left: This yarn wreath, designed by Gladys Herndon, is fashioned in bold Persian colors ranging from gold to fuchsia to violet.

It is decorated with bright ropes of Christmas beads. The yarn is wrapped around a plastic-foam frame. Gold paper stars scattered over the door add importance and drama to the smart decoration.

Right: Colorful rope circlets and a fringed rope wreath bid visitors “Welcome” and “Adieu” during the holiday season.

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Christmas door decorations from the 1950s (2)

There’s a festive feeling all around this door

Multicolored outdoor string lights make this leafy garland shine! (See a similar modern-day pre-lit version here.)

Vintage 1950s Christmas front door decor for the holidays

Four pairs of golden baroque flat designs accent this vintage door (1956)

Christmas door decorations from the 1950s (5)

Christmas door decorations: Seasonal greenery surrounds this 1950s doorway

Christmas tree door decorations from the 1950s (2)

A golden chain garland drapes a doorway

Christmas door decorations from the 1950s (6)

Christmas door decorations: Tinsel-edged swags and poufs (1958)

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Christmas door decorations from the 1950s (7)

Lighted snowflake garlands hung vertically create a festive holiday look

Christmas door decorations from the 1950s (8)

Sliding glass Christmas door decorations

Christmas door decorations from 1958: Large, floor-to-ceiling windows offer wonderful opportunities for the “artist at home” to go to work. And you don’t need to be an accomplished professional, either.

These stately trees, each topped by a star, were inspired by the exciting array of plastic gift-wrap and color masking tapes now available. Keep your design simple, sketch it out roughly on paper, then transfer it to the window — scaling proportions to fit.

Sliding glass door Christmas decor (1958)

Christmas door decorations from the 1950s

Christmas tree door decorations from the 1950s (1)

4 more quick ideas for vintage-style Christmas door decorations

From 1959: What’s on your door? Oh, any number of exciting decorations! Try some of these suggestions for indoors and out.

An artificial succulent wreath is trimmed with nuts. The cuckoo clock is a gift box covered with wallpaper. 

Wooden gingerbread boy is painted, trimmed with braid and fringe. The lollipop tree is shaped from a long line of lollipops secured with tape on white cardboard.

Christmas doorway decoration ideas (1950s)

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