Whitman’s Chocolates were what every mom wanted for Mother’s Day back in the ’40s

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May 5, 1941 Mother's Day guilt trip

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In the early 1940s, Whitman’s Chocolates heavily promoted their product as the ideal Mother’s Day gift — and they laid the guilt on thick.

On each of these ads, the most prominent text was not subtle: “There is no hurt like forgetting.” (As the country entered into World War II, I’d venture there were worse things that could happen.)

Still, to some extent at least, the ads must have worked — they appeared for at least three years running. And today? Whitman’s Chocolates can still be found in drugstores all across the country. If you’re worried about forgetting, see what Whitman’s chocolates you can buy nowadays!

There’s no hurt like forgetting…. there’s no joy like being remembered (1940)

Sons and daughters everywhere know that remembrance is a must for Mother’s Day. There is no hurt like forgetting. And there is no reason for forgetting when nearby dealers are ready with beautifully-decorated Mother’s Day packages of Whitman’s, ready to send your order anywhere.

Make your selection today. And have your children remember their mother, too!

May 6, 1940 Mother's Day candy

A cheerful collection of 20 vintage Mother's Day cards

There’s no hurt like forgetting…. there’s no joy like being remembered (1941)

“Mother Dear – Not only Mother’s Day, but every day, gives me reasons to be proud I am your son. I hope this Sampler, that you like so much, will recall days when I saved the pennies (and broke my piggy bank) to buy my first Sampler for you. – Bob”

May 5, 1941 Mother's Day guilt trip

About Mother's Day: How it began, and who started it all (1909)

There’s no hurt like forgetting! And there’s no joy like being remembered! (1942)

Sunday — May 10 — is Mother’s Day… the one day in all the year that we have set aside as her own special day. It is the day on which we try to show Mother that we are thinking of her that we do remember… with a thoughtful gift.

And through the years, one gift has become more closely associated with the thought and spirit of Mother’s Day than any other! So this year give her a Whitman’s Sampler… a gift she’ll welcome for itself, as well as for the love that prompts it.

It will tell her what she wants more than anything in the world to know… that on this one day — her day — she lives in your thoughts… and in your heart.

May 4, 1942 chocolates for Mother's Day

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