Vintage pool floats & air mattresses from the 60s delivered fun in the sun

Vintage pool floats and retro air mattresses from the 60s

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Whether for a day at the beach or in the pool, these inflatable vintage pool floats and loungers gave people of all ages a new way to enjoy the water.

Summer inflatables: Pool and beach flotes (from 1969)

Blue one side, red other side with white binding — High count cotton duck drill cloth that’s extra strong and durable; Reinforcing bound edge; White safety rope all around; six rope-holding grommets; Extra heavy inner coating assure airtightness

Soft and cuddly terrycloth surface, luxurious. Dyed color-fast — retains brilliance

Vintage pool floats and air mattresses from the 60s (3)

Hampshire deluxe cloth surface air mattresses & beach flotes

— Beautiful multicolor floral pattern.
— With exclusive, waterproof “BUILT-IN PUMP” for quick, effortless inflation.
— Special reinforcing surface patch protects pump area, heavy-duty spring assures pump action.
— Exclusive interior construction gives firmness and true sleeping comfort.
— Rust-proof, non-corrosive air-valve

COLORS: Multi-colored floral print both sides. SIZE: 72″ x 34″. Mats feature: Rustproof, non-corrosive air valves. Durable cotton fabric laminated to heavy gauge polymer inner coating — 100% air and water tested.

Hampshire deluxe cloth surface air mattresses - beach flotes 1969

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Bikini babe loves these promotional mats & water flotes

Boat print, daisy print & water babes print

Vintage pool floats and air mattresses from the 60s (5)

Vintage vinyl beach floats/air mattresses

Super-strength vinyl with attractive ripple-finish surface

Vintage vinyl beach floats and air mattresses for 1970

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Retro leopard print & wide stripe beach float mattresses

The leopardess vinyl air mattress: Authentic lifelike design and color (leopard print); Built-in pillow with separate air valve

Hy-Line Deluxe pool float mattresses: Wide red or blue stripes on white; Extra heavy-duty vinyl surface; Built-in pillow 

Vintage pool floats and air mattresses from the 60s (6)

Mod daisy print & 4-colored flowered leopard print vintage pool floats

— Strong, heavy-gauge vinyl
— Exciting, colorful designs
— Big 6 ft. x 30″ wide — five tubes — really luxurious looking
— Four-color print. Floral Leopard design

Vintage pool floats and air mattresses from the 60s (7)

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1970’s newest, brightest ideas for “fun in the sun”

Vintage pool floats and air mattresses from the 60s (1)

Vintage pool floats & patterned beach floats

Handsome Scotch plaid pattern (Green Plaid/Solid Green back, or Red Plaid both sides) and gaily-colored “Rollicking Rhythm” (Multicolor, wavy striped pattern)

— Built-in pillow with separate air valve; Exclusive, waterproof BUILT-IN PUMP for quick, easy inflation
— Special reinforcing patch protects pump area of mat; Heavy-duty spring assures reliable pump action

Vintage pool floats and air mattresses from the 60s (2)

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Super-strength beach and pool floats & see-thru flotes

Extra heavy-duty cotton duck fabric, bound edges with white safety rope all around; six reinforced rope-holding grommets. (Specially created for Pools and Rough Usage) — COLOR: Two-tone Red and Blue with White Binding; SIZE: 49″ x 34″


Ride the waves — See the underwater world

— Big 60″ x 27″ size
— Strong, heavy-duty, tufted vinyl plastic material
— Crystal clear, tough plastic window for underwater viewing
— Gusseted sides with white lead rope
— Exclusive tufted construction for rigidity and comfort
— 100% air and water tested


Sturdy, heavy-duty vinyl with tough, crystal-clear plastic “see-thru” window — lets youngsters view underwater

Vintage pool floats and air mattresses from the 60s (4)

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  1. These devices worked pretty well as pool floats, but they were lousy as air mattresses. Anyone who took one of these on a camping trip had a devil of a time inflating it, and they almost always deflated overnight. Plus, they were heavy, making them difficult to take along on a hike.

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