Chatterbox coffee cake (1965)

Try this light-hearted, melting good chatterbox coffee cake, and taste the delicious new flavor and appetizing new texture Karo adds to food.

The Easter Egg Cake recipe (1969)

This Easter cake isn't super-simple to make -- there are, in fact, three diagrams to help you assemble it -- but the finished product is likely to impress coconut lovers and kids alike!
Easter glory cake recipe

Easter Glory cake recipe (1953)

Heaped high with the fresh, fresh whiteness of tender-moist coconut, this irresistible Easter Glory cake is already a springtime tradition.
Old-fashioned Easter prayers and blessings - Flowers

14 traditional Easter blessings and prayers (1911)

Celebrate a joyous and happy Easter with this collection of fourteen old-fashioned and traditional blessings and prayers from more than a century ago. You can also save and share the original vintage images of each blessing page.
Caramel peanut nests dessert recipe

Caramel-peanut nests with a candy egg (1980)

These adorable little candy 'nests' are created to hold one perfect little 'egg' -- also known as a peanut m&m. This vintage recipe could help make an adorable addition to an Easter basket!

An Easter pudding (1899)

Easter pudding recipe for spring Take a package of gelatine and cover it with hot water. Keep it warm on the range. Next, put one and a half pints of rich milk in a saucepan and bring it to the boiling poin... Click to read more...

An Easter wedding (1906)

An Easter wedding The week following Easter has always been a favorite time for weddings. Here are a few suggestions for the girls who may be preparing for such an occasion: Use white flowers exclusively, o... Click to read more...

Angel cake recipe (1903)

Angel food cake & icing recipe Sift together on a paper half a pound of flour, two ounces of corn starch and half a pound of powdered sugar. Beat in a copper basin the whites of ten eggs (with a wire whip)... Click to read more...

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