How much did you love this Brach’s Easter candy from the 60s? Bunnies, chicks, chocolate eggs & more

Brach's Easter candy from the 60s Bunnies, chicks, chocolate eggs

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WARNING: The soft pastel portraits featured these Brach’s Easter candy advertisements from the 1960s may envoke nostalgia for gentler Easters past (at least as they may seem in our childhood memories!).

A scroll through this collection will take you back to those rosy Spring days filled with Easter bonnets and and Sunday extra-best, traditional Easter ham and deviled eggs, hollow chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Remember dyeing Easter eggs before the big day and then hunting for them on Easter morning after the Easter Bunny hid them the night before? 

Probably the best part, though: Waking up to woven Easter baskets packed with treats like those below — and usually a small toy, too! 

What was your favorite part about Easter in the 1960s?

Tickle ’em pink with Brach’s Easter Candy

Brach’s makes such a hit with youngsters — and it’s no wonder! Brach’s sparkling foil wraps, the charming Easter egg decorations, the cute little candy bunnies and chicks would make any youngster’s face light up on Easter morning.

Especially since Brach’s Easter Candies taste as good as they look.

Parents will be tickled to know that everything about Brach’s is wonderfully good and wholesome, like the pure chocolate. . . the tender marshmallow and fluffy creme centers. Why, even the tiny jelly bird eggs fairly twinkle with freshness.

Why not make this Easter especially thrilling for the little candy hunters at your house? Tickle ’em pink with a basketful of Brach’s. You’ll find a big selection of these fine candies right now in the stores you visit regularly. Brach’s — for a Happier Easter.

Vintage 60s Easter candy for kids from 1962

The happiest hearts are won with Brach’s Easter candies (1963)

Vintage Brach's Easter candy 1963

Easter smiles are bigger when it’s Brach! (1964)

49 kinds of fun-filled candy – bright with happy flavor

Take home a Brach Easter candy parade of freshness, flavor and fun; when watch faces shine! Brach purity, Brach goodness, at sensible Brach prices… at your favorite store now.

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Brach's Easter candy lineup for 1964

Ready-packed gift basket; Easter pail includes shovel; Bunny packaged with bunny bank gift; Three toys in one truck – pail – sandsifter; Family-pak – 24 eggs; Ready-packed baskets save time… are so convenient

Brach’s Hide & Seek Eggs, 6 Brach chocolate rabbits, Malted milk eggs, Brach Easter Eggs, Brach’s Jelly Bird Eggs, Marshmallow eggs, Chicks & Rabbits, Fruit & Nut Egg, Easter Fun Assortment

Vintage Brach's Easter candy lineup for 1964

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Brach’s Easter candy parade (1965)

Brach's Easter candy parade (1965)

Vintage 60s Easter candy from 1965

Look for these at your favorite candy counter

Jelly bird eggs, chocolate rabbits, marshmallow eggs, chocolate creme eggs, fruit & nut eggs, mellowcreme pets, foil-wrapped rabbits, Easter baskets

Once again, Brach’s brings you the largest array of special Easter candies. Here are gay candy Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies for Mother to hide and children to seek. You will find all the full, delicious flavors… including freshest, finest, PURE chocolate.

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Vintage Easter candy for kids from 1961

Vintage Easter candy & treats from 1960

Brach’s Easter Candy Parade: Sweetest parade you’ll ever see

Look at all this Easter Candy! Row after row, every color . . . every flavor. See the chocolate bunnies, made with Brach’s fresh own-made chocolate and filled with tender, fluffy marshmallow.

And Easter eggs of all kinds —including chocolate malted milk eggs and chocolate creme eggs. Tempting, delightful mellowcreme chicks and rabbits, too.

All the Easter candies children love to hunt for are in Brach’s Easter Candy Parade. Fill your youngsters’ Easter Baskets with Brach’s. Look for Brach’s displays in grocery, variety, drug and department stores.

Brach’s Easter Candies are so good, you’ll find them everywhere.

Vintage Easter candy and treats from 1960

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  1. Brach’s still makes great candy! I get mine from! Great prices too! Big selection! And other retro candy is available too!

  2. Brach’s is WONDERFUL. I still buy the marshmallow and coconut eggs but have had trouble finding some of the varieties this year. I also love the jelly beans and still buy those but have noticed the bags are only half full. Sign of the times.

    Off subject but I wish Brach’s still had the “Pick A Mix” offering in stores.

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