Look back at Caboodles, Sassaby & other retro beauty organizers from the ’80s & ’90s

Look back at Caboodles, Sassaby and other retro beauty organizers from the '80s and '90s

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These vintage makeup and accessory organizers — for storing makeup, nail polish, hair products, jewelry and more — were all the rage with teen girls in the late eighties and early nineties.

Like a little colorful plastic suitcase with trays, they were sort of a cross between jewelry boxes and an old-fashioned beauty cases that were popular in the ’50s. 

By looking for brand names like Caboodles and Sassaby, you could get these retro beauty organizers at stores like Target and Wal-Mart Here’s a look!

Sassaby cosmetics & jewelry organizers (1991)

New hit series of cosmetics and jewelry organizers! It has to be a Sassaby!

Ad features Shannen Doherty from Beverly Hills 90210

Retro jewelery organizer -- Sassaby (1991)

What if you organized your face the way you organize your makeup? (c1989)

How can you look beautiful when your makeup is scattered all over? Organize it with Caboodles beauty organizers — the secret of top models and actresses.

Caboodles organize oodles of cosmetics, jewelry and accessories in one clever box. Choose from four fashion colors and eleven on-the-go models.

Caboodles are smart. So you can be beautiful.

Vintage Caboodles ad (1980s)

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Caboodles TV commercial (1988)

YouTube video

Retro Caboodles makeup & beauty organizer boxes (1991)

You’ve got it… together!

Get all your make-up and accessories together with caboodles! Easy-to-carry beauty organizers, caboodles come in fantastic fashion colors, with just the right spaces and places for everything!

Retro beauty organizers -- Caboodles (1991)

There’s only One Caboodles. (1992)

But fortunately, it comes in 23 fantastic styles and 52 different colors.

Watch the possibilities opening up right in front of your eyes. A tray for eye pencils & room for 6 lipsticks… A girl could get spoiled.

Never enough jewelry, always enough space. Cushioned, too. Caboodles thinks of everything in so many ways, you can see why we say…

Caboodles. It just handles everything.

Makeup and jewelry organizer -- Caboodle (1992)

Makeup and jewelry orangizer -- Caboodle (1992) 2

An entirely new species of organizers — Sassaby (1991)

Introducing a whole family of exotic, innovative, wildly unique organizers for cosmetics and jewelry.

Cleverly designed with secret compartments, deep trays and extra-long trays for super-long pencils. Full-size bottles and brushes travel with ease.

Ingenious lipstick keepers hold lipsticks upright. Removable dividers keep everything in right.

When it comes down to getting organized, it has to be a Sassaby!

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Makeup organizer -- Sassaby (1991)

Retro 90s Caboodles ad (1992)

90s Caboodle beauty case ad (1992)

Vintage blue Caboodles accessories organizer (1992)

Blue Caboodle beauty organizer (1992)

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  1. I loved Caboodles cases. I used mine for makeup and I could just grab my case and put on my make up anywhere. My father would tease me about having my makeup in a “tackle box” but that was the best tackle box ever!

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