How to make 11 awesome ’80s hairstyles

How to make 80s hairstyles

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Awesome ’80s hairstyles – A how-to from ’86: Easiest new hairdos

Now cuts and styles — fast and simple to do. Which one’s for you?

Make wonderful waves for straight, layered-all-over hair

To create a stylish windswept look with lots of billowy volume, a quick set with flexible Styling Stix rollers does the trick.

Starting with dry hair, part on the side, and comb straight back. Begin at crown and randomly wind small (one- to two-inch) sections of hair on the rollers, turning toward back. Secure hair in place by simply bending the ends of the rollers inward — there’s no need to fuss with bobby pins.

Then set sides of hair, continuing to roll hair toward back. Blow- or air-dry. Remove rollers and lightly finger-fluff hair for even more volume; to finish, mist with hair spray.

How to get these retro 80s hairstyles - Wonderful waves for straight, layered-all-over hair

How to do 2 dramatic ’80s hairstyles

Sleek now style for chin-lengths

Fabulous roll-front look starts with a blunt-cut bob. Apply styling gel to roots of hair, all around your hairline. We used Avigal Henna Instant Highlighting Gel for a rich color boost that rinses out.

To get that front lift, comb crown hair an inch or two upward so it’s at a 90-degree angle to your scalp, shown above; blow-dry on low heat and gently comb back. Then direct sides of hair back from face and curve ends under with a brush and blow-dryer. Finish by blow-drying back hair under.

The same cut goes curly

If you have wavy hair, this frothy style with one side swinging onto the forehead, and the other swept behind an ear is wash-and-mousse simple.

First, make a side part. Next, take a large dollop of mousse and scrunch it into hair. Continue scrunching all around your head until hair is completely waved.

To add gleamy, rinse-out highlights, go for a colored mousse such as Helene Curtis La Forme Mousse in Chardonnay Natural Color Foam Highlighter.

How to get these retro 80s haircuts and hairstyles from 1986 - Beauty tips (2)

New two-way hairdos

A sculptured look for medium hair with gentle layering around the face

Dampen hair and smooth a little gel on crown, sides. Blow-dry hair away from face using a styling brush — we like Clairol 1500-Upstart dryer and a Goody brush. Pull down a few bangs to soften the look. Last, blow-dry ends under.

For a stunning, fast change of style

Hair is quickly tousled and swept forward to softly fringe the face, playing up the cheekbones, eyes.

After shampooing, blow-dry hair with a diffuser; diffusers maximize fullness. As you blow-dry, finger-comb hair forward onto your face. Finally, make a low side part.

Remember Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo and conditioner?

The shortest do

Feathery cut for straight, short hair

A neat way to tame a style that’s grown out of shape. The sides have been graduated, shown left, and ends of hair have been lightly feathered for a casual, spiky effect. A fringe of bangs puts the focus on eyes.

The result: an up-to-the-minute look that’s also carefree. Styling couldn’t be easier. For o body boost, hair spray is spritzed at the roots of bangs and crown, and hair is back-brushed. Back and sides are combed forward to make a flattering frame for the face.

How to get a feathery cut for straight, short hair

2 classic hairstyles

Glamorous forties-style a la Lauren Bacall for all-one-length long hair

Top of hair is rolled smoothly back into a side cascade of waves.

To do: Make a low side part in damp hair and slick one side behind ears with styling gel. Work a quarter-size dollop of gel into crown and free-falling side. Create waves, shown above: Comb bang section back, push forward into a roll and clip at base.

Clip two waves inside hair above ear, at chin. Let set for 15 minutes. Remove clips, lightly brush.

How to get hot eighties hair and makeup (1982)

French-style tie-back for long and medium hair

The low-at-the-neck ponytail is now trés chic.

To get the look, just brush alt hair back, secure at the nape of your neck with a coated rubber band, and cover the band with a beautiful bow. Then blow-dry ends of hair under with a round brush. To enhance the style, comb a few wispy bangs onto your forehead.

A light misting with hair spray will keep any stray ends in place.

French-style tie-back for long and medium hair - style from 1986

How to use haircolor and highlights for ’80s hairstyles

Here’s the same woman showing off four different vintage hairstyles from 1986

80s hairstyles from 1986 - Retro (2)

80s hairstyles from 1986

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