Vintage 80s cruises: See what Princess, Carnival & other cruise ships used to look like

Vintage 80s cruises See what Princess, Carnival and other cruise ships used to look like

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What were cruises like a few decades ago, when all-inclusive on-the-ocean vacations were getting popular?

Here, see food, entertainment, cabins/rooms & pricing from the most popular vintage 80s cruises and luxury cruise ships!

Vintage 80s cruises: Royal Cruise Lines cabins and staterooms (1981)

Royal Cruise Lines cabins and staterooms (1981)

Holland America Cruises: Rotterdam (1982)

See the ship’s cabins (including floorplans), dining room and deck plans – check out the portholes as the only cabin windows!

Outside Double: Twin beds with shower or bath and shower
Inside Double: Twin beds with shower or bath and shower
Economy Outside Double or Single: Lower bed upper berth, shower or bath and shower
Economy Inside Double or Single: Lower bed, upper berth, shower

Cruise Travel Mar 1982 Rotterdam 5

Rotterdam ship restaurant - 1982

Holland America Cruises Rotterman deck plans from 1982

Sitmar vintage 80s cruises (1981)

Some call it a holiday. Some a vacation. Our passengers call it an experience.

Stand by the railing of a Sitmar ship, surrounded by nothing but sea and sky and you’ll know why. Your cruise is everything you ever dreamed of.

Lazy, sun-filled days. Bright moons reflecting on gently lapping waters. The special kind of camaraderie that allows total strangers to become fast friends.

You’re bound for the enchanted islands and exotic ports of the Caribbean, or the Mexican Riviera, or Canada and Alaska, or the Panama Canal.

The ship has activities galore for those who want them, and complete serenity for those who don’t. Swim. Sun. Dine. Dance. Enjoy shows and entertainment and comfortable lounges. 

Sitmar vintage 80s cruise ship (1981)

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Royal Caribbean Cruises (1982)

When you spend months saving for a cruise, make sure you spend it on the right one.

1982 Royal Caribbean Cruises

Paquet – the retro Rhapsody cruise ship (1985)

See some of the amenities, cabins, the main restaurant, deck plans and more from this French cruise line that was popular in the ’80s. (Check out that tiny swimming pool!)

1985 Paquet Rhapsody cruise line deck and pool

Cabins onboard the Rhaposdy ship - 1985

Paquet - Rhapsody cruise deck plan plan

Main dining room/restaurant on the Rhapsody ship

The Rhapsody’s Cordon Bleu Restaurant seats 420 and serves, as might be expected on a French ship, an embarrassment of riches, plus unlimited complimentary wines are offered at dinner.

Rhapsody cruise ship Cordon Bleu Restaurant - 1985

Rhapsody vintage 80s cruise ship lounge

Rhapsody vintage 80s cruise ship lounge

Rhapsody cruise ship Purser's Square from 1985

Golden Odyssey cruise ship deck plans (1981)

1981 Royal Cruise Lines deck plans

American Hawaii Cruises from the 80s (1987)

Of all the great resorts in Hawaii, only one takes you to all the great resorts in Hawaii.

it’s magic. Cruising from Honolulu to all the exotic romance of Maui, Kauai, Kona and Hilo. An enchanting seven days, starting as low as $1295 per person.

And when you book an American Hawaii cruise, we’ll fly you to Honolulu and back for about half the regular fare.

For details about a vacation aboard Hawaii’s only floating resort, see your travel agent. Or call us. American Hawaii Cruise…

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Cruise to Hawaii - 1987


The “Fun Ships” of Carnival Cruise Lines (1981)

What a bargain! Not only will we spend seven days in the sunny Caribbean visiting different islands. our cruise price includes eight meals and snacks a day. 24-hour room service, dozens of shipboard activities, gala cocktail parties, a full gambling casino, and dazzling nightclub entertainment.

Next year, we’re taking a “Fun Ship” cruise, and from what our friends have told us, we know we’ll love it.

1981 vintage Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruises in the ’80s: Cold relief. (1982)

The best prescription you can get for winter cold is a sun-drenched Caribbean cruise aboard a “Fun Ship.” And now is the time to start making plans!

Here’s the vacation you’ve always wanted at a price that makes it easy. In fact, a Carnival “Fun Ship”- cruise is typically $200-$400 less per couple than other 7-day Caribbean cruises.

And you get value no land vacation can match. Not only do you visit three exotic ports. but you can indulge yourself with eight meals and snacks a day including two late-night buffets and round-the-clock stateroom service.

And the nightlife is fantastic with exciting entertainment in our clubs and lounges. Or enjoy a game of chance in our glittering full casino. During the day, you can choose from dozens of shipboard activities or just loll by the pool and work on a gorgeous tan.

We also offer Fly Aweigh air/sea packages that include great deals on airfare between Miami and over 100 cities across the United States and Canada.

Take a “Fun Ship”- cruise and see why we’re the most popular ships in the world. You’ll get fast relief from winter cold.

The “Fun Ships” Carnivale, Festivale, Mardi Gras and Tropicale depart weekly from Miami every Saturday or Sunday for exotic Caribbean ports such as San Juan, St. Thomas, Nassau, Samana, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

Ships of Panamanian and Liberian registry

Cruise Travel Feb 1982 Carnvial

The three most popular resorts in the Caribbean (1981)

Cruise Travel Jan 1981 Carnival cruises

Vintage 80s cruises: Carnival wrote the book on fun! (1989)

Here’s Kathie Lee Gifford for Carnival Cruise Lines, talking about the “Fun Ships”

Cruise Travel Jan 1989 Carnival Cruise Line fun vintage

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This year, we’re taking a Fun Ship cruise. (1982)

We thought we were getting a great deal on last year’s vacation. But that “great deal” wound up being a “come on” price.

When we added on all our entertainment, meals, taxis and other extras. our trip cost us a lot more than we’d planned.

But on this year’s Carnival cruise, we’re getting virtually everything included for one low package price: eight sumptuous meals and snacks a day, a full gambling casino, nightclub entertainment and a whole ship full of activities. Plus your choice of tropical ports in the sunny Caribbean or Mexico.

All included in a price so low it’s typically $200-$400 less per couple than other 7-day Caribbean cruises. We’re getting it all this year with peace of mind and no expensive surprises!

The Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Festivale and Tropicale depart weekly from Miami every Saturday or Sunday for exotic Caribbean ports such as Samana, San Juan, St Thomas, Nassau, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. – Carnival Cruise Lines

Cruise Travel Mar 1982 Carnival

1980s Carnival Cruises

The “Fun Ships” give you more of what you vacation for (1984)

Dec 1984 Carnival cruises vintage

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If you only take one cruise in your life… let it be on one of the “Fun Ships.” (1979)

Upcoming cruises for 1980

Cruise Travel Jun 1979 Carnival


Here’s a look back to the eighties for some adventures on the Love Boat — when you could spend a week or more seeing Alaska, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, Panama Canal from the deck of a Princess cruise ship for less than $1000 per person.

Princess Cruises: The Mexican Riviera. Sun, sand and stars. (1981)

Nothing captures it like the Love Boat.

The Pacific Princess is the essence of elegance, comfort and unstinting service. Superb cuisine artfully served as only the Italians can. Our British officers, so charming. Our entertainment and musical revues, the finest afloat.

No other cruise line visits 5 ports in 7 days. Including Acapulco. Magical places. Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.

You get so much more from a Princess Cruise. Join us.

1981 Princess Cruises Mexico vintage ad

The Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera via the incredible Panama Canal. All in one glorious Princess Cruise. (1981)

14 unforgettable days. Soft, tropical nights. Fabulous ports of call.

And your Princess ever the charming hostess. Rise when you will. Join the activities. Or curl up with a book.

Dine like royalty. Never have you seen a tableside flambé done so artfully. The service is impeccable.

The Love Boat: Find out about the classic TV show, plus the intro & theme song (1977-1986)

1981 vintage Princess cruises ad - mexico and caribbean

Let Princess take you to the best of Europe (1988)

“Two weeks of cruising Europe on the Love Boat. What could be more perfect? – Gavin McLeod

Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Russia. Barcelona, the French and Italian Rivieras. Venice and the Greek Isles. London. Oslo and the Norwegian Fjords. Istanbul and the Black Sea.

And gourmet cuisine, terrific entertainment and Princess service all the way.

Europe on the Love Boat

’80s Princess Cruises to Australia: The cruise of a lifetime in just 14 G’Days (1988)

“See Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific on the Love Boat.” – Gavin McLeod

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Visit Sydney and Auckland next winter. Exotic Tahiti. Bora Bora and the Fiji Islands. too. All the places you have always dreamed about seeing.

All on the world-renowned Sea Princess. With award-winning cuisine, Broadway-style entertainment, and impeccable service.

Just book under deposit by 7/31/88 and save $500 per couple. Fly free from West Coast cities (money-saving air add-ons elsewhere). See your travel agent. Or send in the coupon.

Cruise Travel May 1988 Princess

The Love Boat: Once upon a time, A Princess went to Europe (1989)

Cruise Travel Oct 1989 Princess

Inside the Titanic: When the largest ship sank in 1912, here's what the luxury-first interior looked like

Princess Cruises trip to the Panama Canal (1980)

Explore the Caribbean. See Mexico. 14 lazy days.

Sail from San Juan on the luxurious Island Princess. Proudly British-registered. Visit an array of fascinating ports. St Thomas, Caracas in South America. Dutch Curacao.

Then transit the Panama Canal. An unforgettable adventure.

On to Panama City, exciting Aucopolco, Cabo San Lucas. And Los Angeles. Or sail from Los Angeles visiting several different ports. All Saturday departures.

Cruise Travel Sep 1980 Princess Cruises

Alaska doesn’t end at Glacier Bay. Neither does a Princess Cruise. (1988)

Of course, all of our ships cruise the classic Inside Passage and spectacular Glacier Bay.

But unlike other cruise lines, we don’t stop there. We’ll take you all the way across the Gulf of Alaska to Anchorage, gateway to the interior.

Four luxurious ships and three different itineraries offer you more opportunities to cruise the Gulf and Inside Passage than anyone else. You’ll sail 7 or 10 days past Columbia, the largest glacier in North America, the 16 ice-blue glaciers of College Fiord and the emerald-forested coast of Prince William Sound.

Book under deposit by Jan. 31st, 1988, and cruise for as low as $990 per person, cruise tour for $895. Save up to $400 per couple.

Talk with your travel agent about our 4 Alaska cruise itineraries and 39 unique cruise tours. Or send for our free 1988 brochure. PRINCESS CRUISES – The most famous name in cruising

PS: Princess is still around – take a look here!

Cruise Travel Jan 1988 Princess Alaska

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Alaska. Vast, exciting. A new experience. As only a Princess Cruise can make it. (1982)

Cruise Travel Feb 1982 Princess Alaska

’80s Princess Tours: Discover an Alaska most people only imagine (1988)

Princess Cruises 1988-1989

Royal Princess to the Panama Canal. The cruise by which all others will be measured. (1984)

Sail on the most advanced, most luxurious ship in the world.

The magnificent Royal Princess is destined to change the way America cruises the Panama Canal. Because by any measure of comparison, the Royal Princess is the most spectacular ship in the world.

Only on the Royal Princess will you find every stateroom on the outside. All with large picture windows and with more private verandas than any other ship afloat. She’s also the only ship in the Panama Canal with bathtubs (as well as showers), refrigerators, and color televisions in every stateroom.

Dive into these 10 amazing old indoor swimming pools

You’ll have the pleasure of more deck space (a full two acres). More swimming pools. More freshwater hot spas. And one of the largest casinos afloat, with gaming tables and over 100 slot machines.

Her spacious public rooms are adorned with the finest furnishings, commissioned art, and beautiful indoor gardens.

And of course, the new Royal Princess continues the Princess dedication to perfection. Our officers are British. Our dining staff Italian. And all are charming and attentive.

Within our grand two-tiered dining room, you’ll experience meals so marvelous and varied, they bring new meaning to the word cuisine.

In the evenings, our professional singers and dancers present magical full-production musicals unequaled by any other Panama Canal cruise.

Cruise Travel Dec 1984 Princess Cruises

Only Princess gives you St Thomas and San Juan on every cruise

Only on our Panama Canal cruise will you visit both St. Thomas, the number one port in the Caribbean, and legendary San Juan on every single cruise. And only Princess offers you such a wide choice of fantastic itineraries on 14, 11 and 10-day cruises. All including an unforgettable eight-hour transit of the incredible Panama Canal. No one offers you more.

The 1985 Princess Jubilee – Save up to $1200

In celebration of our maiden season, January 12 to May 11, we’re pleased to extend the most extraordinary offer to the Panama Canal in 1985.

Enjoy a savings of $1200 per couple on all 14-day cruises, $600 per couple on 11-day cruises and $300 per couple on 10-day cruises. Plus, fly free from most major cities.

Plan your 1985 Royal Princess Panama Canal cruise now and take advantage of these tremendous maiden season Jubilee savings.

Make this the year you step up to a fabulous Princess Cruise. Because, at any price, this is the cruise by which all others will be measured.

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