Stylish vintage women’s shoes from 1940

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Air Step: The shoe with the magic sole

Dora wants new-fashioned style – Cora wants old-fashioned comfort. You get both in Air Step: The shoe with the magic sole

Dora and Cora are any American woman… with the prettiest feet in the world — and the good sense to want to keep them pretty.

They want shoes as easy on the feet as on the eye.

Air Steps are light and dainty. But hidden away they have a built-in Magic Sole to protect feet against the greatest difficulty feet have to meet — the bang and jolt of soles on sidewalks….

Oct 7, 1940 air step shoes for women


Vintage women’s pumps from the 1940s

Retro high-heeled women's shoes from the 1940s


Elect Vitality for life!

Win a new lease on life for your feet! Elect Vitality! These youthful styles are but a few of many flattering patterns your Vitality dealer is showing.

Shoe styles from the forties

Vintage suede shoes & other classic high heels for women from 1940

 Vintage suede shoes - classic high heels for women - 1940


Double your zest for living in Styl-Eez – A Selby shoe

Wear a pair and rest a pair

Double the ease… double the looks… double the life of your shoes. Styl-Eez brings you adorable style that slims your ankle… flatters your instep. Precious features to keep your feet eager to be up-and-going.

Styl-Eez shoes for women - vintage heels

See some similar shoe styles!

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