Prell shampoo promised radiantly gleaming hair. Do you remember this bright green shampoo? (1940s-80s)

Do you remember bright green Prell shampoo

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Prell shampoo was popular since its introduction in the late 1940s, and was best-known for being bright emerald green. Here, see how the product — and the brand’s message — changed from the forties to the eighties!

Prell shampoo debuts: New radiant creme shampoo (1948)

Exciting Prell removes dandruff in as little as three minutes!

New! New wonderful Prell! This marvelous, emerald-clear, Radiant-Creme shampoo leaves your hair more radiantly gleaming than any soap or soap shampoo… and leaves it free of horrid, unsightly dandruff too.

Doctors’ examinations proved that Prell removes embarrassing dandruff in as little as 3 minutes — and showed also, that regular Prell shampoos actually control this dandruff.

What a joy! A Prell shampoo — then hair that shines with glamorous radiance… soft, smooth, easy to manage!

New Prell shampoo from Proctor and Gamble (1947)

Emerald-clear Prell: For hair that looks Vitally Alive! (1950)

Your hair is sparkling and radiant after Prell — more radiant than with cream or soap shampoos, in hardest water! That’s because Prell Shampoo’s patented cleansing ingredient gives free rinsing action… brings out all the glorious sheen in your hair — leaves it so vibrantly younger-looking, so “vitally alive,” so much lovelier.

After Prell your hair is so much softer, smoother — yet with the “body” and “spring” that make it more manageable. Curls and waves set beautifully, and even hair that seems dull and lifeless has a more glamorous sparkling radiance.

You’ll love the glorious “vitally alive” look your hair has after Prell — use this different, marvelous Procter & Gamble shampoo today!

Emerald clear Prell shampoo (1950)

New Prell leaves hair ‘radiantly alive’ (1953)

So soft, yet manageable… so sweetly clean!

Come-hither loveliness — that’s what your hair has after a luxurious Prell Shampoo! It’s caressably soft, yet so obedient!

Yes, angel-soft, smooth as satin, glowing with that ‘Radiantly Alive‘ look he’ll love! And Prell leaves your hair really clean… fresh and sweet… and free of embarrassing dandruff!

Prell is easy to use, too — so convenient. No spill, drip or break. Try Prell tonight — it’s wonderful!

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1954 - Prell shampoo for radiantly alive hair

A liquid shampoo that’s extra rich! (1955)

Something wonderful has happened — it’s fabulous new Liquid Prell! The only shampoo in the world with this exciting, extra-rich formula! It bursts instantly into luxurious lather… rinses like lightning… is so mild you could shampoo every day.

And, oh, the look and feel of your hair after just one shampoo! So satin-y soft, so shiny bright, so obedient — why, it falls into place with just a flick of your comb! Shouldn’t your hair have that ‘Radiantly Alive‘ look?

Try Liquid Prell this very night!

1955 Prell shampoo

Professional Prell extra rich liquid shampoo (1957)

New dispenser cap! Dispenser bottle for your shelves! “Won’t-slip” bottle designed to fit your hand!

Liquid Prell — the prestige shampoo women prefer.

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1957 Prell shampoo ad

At last! A liquid shampoo that’s extra rich! (1959)
Thrillingly new and different — Procter & Gamble’s emerald-clear Liquid Prell! No other shampoo has this unique, extra-rich new formula.
It bursts instantly into mounds of lather — rinses in a twinkling — is so mild you could shampoo every day. And Liquid Prell leaves hair so caressably soft and easy to manage — glowing with that  ‘Radiantly Alive‘ look! Try it today!

Vintage Prell green shampoo (1959)

Drench your hair in luxury (1960s)

With Liquid Prell… the extra-rich shampoo!

Lather hairdo shaped by Enrico Caruso

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Vintage Prell shampoo ad - 1960s

Prell concentrate (1970)

If you use more than this much to make a head full of lather, you are using too much. (Save this handy reference guide.)

Prell concentrate shampoo, in the unbreakable tube

Bright green Prell shampoo (1970)

I was flat… till I went fluffy… with Prell Concentrate (1978)

Say these fingers are hairs. Dirt and oil deposit in here between them, and make hair go flat like this.

Prell Concentrate leaves no deposits, nothing to flatten hair. So your hair fluffs full. No shampoo leaves your hair fuller.

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I was flat till I went fluffy. with Prell Concentrate (1978)

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Liquid Prell. For freshness. (1979)

If you shampooed yesterday, will he do this today?

Very likely, if you shampooed with Liquid Prell. Because Prell has a special freshness formula with a clean light scent that keeps hair smelling fresh… even the day after you shampoo. It’s the kind of freshness that people can’t resist.

So try Liquid Prell today. Your hair will still get compliments tomorrow.

1979 Prell shampoo vintage ad

Christie Brinkley for Prell: When your body’s in great condition, it should show. (1985)

Everyone who uses my Prell Body Building Shampoo should know there’s only one way I’d show off that beautiful body — with Prell Conditioner.

Prell Body-Enhancing Conditioner is specially made to take all the body Prell shampoos in, and manage it — enhance it.

So never stop with just building body. Build it all the way to body beautiful with Prell Conditioner. – Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley for Prell 1985

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15 Responses

  1. What about Prell, “it floats” ? Any toothpaste ads such as “the adult toothpaste” Vote, or Ipana, the toothpaste that stands on its head?
    Thank you.

    1. Did they have one in every bottle? I remember seeing ads for Prell with the pearl, but I never found one in a real bottle.

  2. Ummmm my Dad still uses Prell. Just bought him four bottles for part of his Father’s Day gift(don’t ask).

    1. Wow – I didn’t realize it was still around! I love that you bought some for your dad – a nostalgia trip? :D

    1. Yes, couldn’t agree more. I don’t think it was formulated for dry, coarse hair like mine. But like most shampoo ads of the time, you were given the hope of soft silky hair if you bought the product.

  3. The Prell today does not have the same scent. If you want to be “transported” back in time to the 60s-70s buy Britney Spears Curious perfume or body spray. It smells “EXACTLY” like the vintage Prell. I bought some, and couldn’t stop wondering why I kept seeing in my mind, my grandmother washing my hair when I was a child. Then I figured it out. Also if you miss the old green Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo, with the lady in the cool mountain stream, go to Ulta and get original spring green Vitabath. If you put it on a wash cloth up to your face it smells different than in tub water with you. Soak in it. It smells exactly like the shampoo. If you miss Earthborn shampoo, you know the apricot one from the 70s? Fabreze air freshner in the Blood Orange scent or the 2x Odor eliminator smells Exactly like it. You won’t be dissapointed, I promise. Happy time traveling!!!!!!

    1. OK, I just bought a vintage bottle of Prell from the late 60’s on Ebay. Still full.
      It came today and it smells EXACTLY the way I remember it as a kid.
      So next time I can, I will get ahold of some CURIOUS and see if it matches up.

  4. What “Sheri” stated above is true. The liquid Prell of the 50’s and 60’s did not smell like today’s prell. It had a very unique fragrance.
    I know,I have old glass bottles from the 1960’s formula that I use.

    The current Prell (no longer made by proctor and Gamble) does smell exactly like the last version of Prell that Proctor and Gamble offered in the mid 1970’s until they quit making it.

    Incidentally the Prell Concentrate (in the handy unbreakable tube) always had its own unique scent. It didn’t smell like the liquid Prell.

    I remember reading that in the 1960’s and into the 1970’s Prell was the number one selling brand of shampoo in America. Sad that Proctor and Gamble no longer make it.

    I also wish they would bring back the original Mr. Clean in the glass bottle with the original scent.

    1. I called the company,now, formulating Prell. The person I spoke with told me the original formulation had been changed many years ago. I would really like to have the old formulation if it is available. Not sure about the vintage bottles available for huge prices. I never liked the tube. Has to be the bottle and the same smell as I used in 60’s. The Prell of today does not have the same smell or lather. It is only a poor copy. Do you know where to find some and be assured it is the old formulation? My hair was never oily, but coarse. It made my hair shiny-slick and smelled wonderful.

  5. I loved Prell because as a teenager in the 1970s and 80s, I had incredibly oily hair — and Prell was an excellent degreaser! :)

  6. I remember the Prell commercial where they put a pearl in the shampoo to demonstrate the thickness of the shampoo.

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