Do you remember bright green Prell shampoo?

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Bright green Prell shampoo

Prell – New radiant creme shampoo (1948)

Exciting Prell removes dandruff in as little as three minutes!

Prell - New radiant creme shampoo (1948)

New Prell leaves hair ‘radiantly alive’ (1953)

… actually more radiant than cream or soap shampoos!

New Prell leaves hair 'radiantly alive' (1953)

Prell in the 1960s

Vintage Prell shampoo ad - 1960s

Prell concentrate (1970)

If you use more than this much to make a head full of lather, you are using too much. (Save this handy reference guide.)

Prell concentrate (1970)

I was flat… till I went fluffy (1978)

… with Prell Concentrate.

I was flat... till I went fluffy ... with Prell Concentrate. (1978)

Prell from 1979

1979 Prell shampoo vintage ad

When your body’s in great condition, it should show (1985)

How to teach your hair some new body language (ad features Christie Brinkley)

Christie Brinkley for Prell 1985

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5 Responses

  1. What about Prell, “it floats” ? Any toothpaste ads such as “the adult toothpaste” Vote, or Ipana, the toothpaste that stands on its head?
    Thank you.

    1. Wow – I didn’t realize it was still around! I love that you bought some for your dad – a nostalgia trip? :D

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