Do you remember bright green Prell shampoo?

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Bright green Prell shampoo

Prell – New radiant creme shampoo (1948)

Exciting Prell removes dandruff in as little as three minutes!

Prell - New radiant creme shampoo (1948)

New Prell leaves hair ‘radiantly alive’ (1953)

… actually more radiant than cream or soap shampoos!

New Prell leaves hair 'radiantly alive' (1953)

Prell in the 1960s

Vintage Prell shampoo ad - 1960s

Prell concentrate (1970)

If you use more than this much to make a head full of lather, you are using too much. (Save this handy reference guide.)

Prell concentrate (1970)

I was flat… till I went fluffy (1978)

… with Prell Concentrate.

I was flat... till I went fluffy ... with Prell Concentrate. (1978)

Prell from 1979

1979 Prell shampoo vintage ad

When your body’s in great condition, it should show (1985)

How to teach your hair some new body language (ad features Christie Brinkley)

Christie Brinkley for Prell 1985

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10 Responses

  1. What about Prell, “it floats” ? Any toothpaste ads such as “the adult toothpaste” Vote, or Ipana, the toothpaste that stands on its head?
    Thank you.

    1. Did they have one in every bottle? I remember seeing ads for Prell with the pearl, but I never found one in a real bottle.

  2. Ummmm my Dad still uses Prell. Just bought him four bottles for part of his Father’s Day gift(don’t ask).

    1. Wow – I didn’t realize it was still around! I love that you bought some for your dad – a nostalgia trip? :D

  3. The Prell today does not have the same scent. If you want to be “transported” back in time to the 60s-70s buy Britney Spears Curious perfume or body spray. It smells “EXACTLY” like the vintage Prell. I bought some, and couldn’t stop wondering why I kept seeing in my mind, my grandmother washing my hair when I was a child. Then I figured it out. Also if you miss the old green Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo, with the lady in the cool mountain stream, go to Ulta and get original spring green Vitabath. If you put it on a wash cloth up to your face it smells different than in tub water with you. Soak in it. It smells exactly like the shampoo. If you miss Earthborn shampoo, you know the apricot one from the 70s? Fabreze air freshner in the Blood Orange scent or the 2x Odor eliminator smells Exactly like it. You won’t be dissapointed, I promise. Happy time traveling!!!!!!

    1. OK, I just bought a vintage bottle of Prell from the late 60’s on Ebay. Still full.
      It came today and it smells EXACTLY the way I remember it as a kid.
      So next time I can, I will get ahold of some CURIOUS and see if it matches up.

  4. What “Sheri” stated above is true. The liquid Prell of the 50’s and 60’s did not smell like today’s prell. It had a very unique fragrance.
    I know,I have old glass bottles from the 1960’s formula that I use.

    The current Prell (no longer made by proctor and Gamble) does smell exactly like the last version of Prell that Proctor and Gamble offered in the mid 1970’s until they quit making it.

    Incidentally the Prell Concentrate (in the handy unbreakable tube) always had its own unique scent. It didn’t smell like the liquid Prell.

    I remember reading that in the 1960’s and into the 1970’s Prell was the number one selling brand of shampoo in America. Sad that Proctor and Gamble no longer make it.

    I also wish they would bring back the original Mr. Clean in the glass bottle with the original scent.

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