Figurines: Crispy, crunchy diet bars (1970s)

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Figurines Crispy, crunchy diet bars (1974 & 1978)

Pillsbury introduces Figurines (1974)

The delicious solid diet food you munch… and munch… and munch.

Figurines are the new crispy, crunchy bar that give dieters the satisfaction of biting into good, solid food. Only about 138 calories a bar. Two Figurines give you the protein, vitamins and minerals of a complete meal. And a packet of two fits neatly into pocket or purse.

Four delicious flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel, Vanilla and Raspberry.

Why fight a losing battle with a diet liquid? Give your willpower a boost with Figurines. The delicious solid diet food that lets you munch… and munch… and munch.

Pillsbury introduces Figurines (1974)


New Figurines. Now they taste better than ever (1978)

Now they have a moister, creamier filling.

Now Figurines are more delicious than you ever dreamed a diet sweet could be. They have a moister, creamier center that makes them yummier than ever. And they’re still just 138 calories a bar. So you can satisfy your craving for an occasional sweet and still stay on your diet.

Another nice thing: Figurines come foil-wrapped, two bars to a pouch. You can take them anywhere, enjoy them anytime.

Choose from six luscious Figurines flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Caramel, Caramel Nut, Vanilla and Raspberry.

New Figurines. Now more than ever, Pillsbury dieting was never so sweet.

“Figurines are sweet revenge”

New Figurines. Now they taste better than ever (1978)


Figurines are sweet revenge – TV commercial (1978)

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13 Responses

  1. Back in the 70s I lost 100 lbs on the figurine diet. I was heart broken to find it off the market. Now that I am older, I find that gaining my weight back is depressing. I must have tried 100s of fad diets since with no success.The only diet that was successful was the figurine diet. I beg of you to please make a come back of the original recipe. If it does come back, I know I would have success again.

  2. I googled 1970’s diet bars and found this! I loved these and they helped me lose some weight as a teenager. I was looking at protein bars at the store, wishing I could find something similar, and the Power Crunch protein bars are a lot like them! That’s what prompted me to look this up to remember what it was I had as a teen.

  3. Bring the Figurines back onto the market. There are a lot of women that would buy them again including myself. The taste is remarkable and will be used again to lose weight. There is a need for them, I’m sure they will be a success again. Please bring them back.

  4. Figurines are back, people! They’re called Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps. Seriously, been eating Atkins style for three years now, have lost 30 lbs and the moment I tasted the Chocolate Mint flavored Atkins Protein Wafer Crisp bar, I was transported back to my high school lunchroom where I’d faithfully devour my Figurine bars. It’s true! Try the new bars and you’ll be headed down memory lane.

    Editor’s note: The Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps can be found here

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