24 stylish ’80s swimsuits: Shapely, slimming, sexy summer swimwear

18 stylish '80s swimsuits Shapely, slimming, sexy summer swimwear

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Fashionable ’80s swimsuits: Here comes the sun (1986)

Time to shine in a swimsuit that makes you look terrific! (Why settle for anything less?)

Brunette Alison and blonde Larisa show off the newest, sexiest summer stunners for every figure type… yours included. Here, Alison’s racy turquoise suit-low, low armholes, high-cut neck-is an all-over slimmer. Strategic color banding on Larisa’s art-inspired print suit streamlines hips and thighs.

Racy turquoise suit-low armholes, high-cut neck swimsuit from 1986

Your best beach looks, plus how to get a perfect fit… and a fab tan!

Your best beach looks, plus how to get a perfect fit

White suits are terrific

Two great tank suits in ever-flattering white . . . the most spectacular color with a tan. Larisa’s has wide-set straps for good bust support, is made of stretchy waffle knit that stays opaque when wet (something to watch out for when you buy a white suit). Alison’s has hourglass seaming, set off by buttons, that pulls the eye along with it, building beautiful curves.

White swimsuits are terrific

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’80s swimsuits: “Do I look too sexy?”

Alison’s suit of icy pink and black has a sleek racer’s T-strap. The black bottom is almost as thinning as a diet! Larisa wears a sliver of cleverly cut extended halter, bosom-baring at the sides and completely backless. The bottom is draped to slim as it skims over hips and derriere.

Seimsuit of icy pink and black has a sleek racer's T-strap

The best swimsuits in years

Crisscross straps on Alison’s two-toner play up a beautiful back, then wrap around to slim her torso. Larisa’s is seductively bare behind, has a turtleneck front that makes more of a smallish bust.

Below, right: For Alison, a star-struck three-piecer: a boned, bust-building bra and a flip of a miniskirt that camouflages thighs-over a teeny bikini bottom. For Larisa, a starry, supportive sports bra (great if you’re chesty) and fifties-style bottom, cut straight across… very back to the future.

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Below: Larisa’s yummy peach suit has a boned sweetheart top that highlights a ravishing bust line. Alison’s sleek black is draped high at thighs for smoother curves.

Sexy '80s swimsuits with a seductively bare behind and turtleneck front that makes more of a smallish bust

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Our try-on-room checklist assures a sleek, comfortable fit.

  • Bend over. Does swimsuit ride too high on derriere?
  • Take a long, full-length look. Is the suit loose where it should be snug? So tight it creates bulges?
  • Lean forward to check for fallout. This is especially important if you plan to swim in the suit.
  • Relax in a chair to make sure the suit doesn’t bind or gap at the crotch.
  • Raise your leg. Does the suit hike up? Does it pull around hips, thighs?
  • Jog in place, twist, stretch, bend, to determine how the suit will perform when you are in motion.
  • Raise arms above head. Do straps cut into shoulders?
  • Consider the bikini area. Is it too skimpy? Do you have the time to spend on frequent waxing or shaving?

Which do you like best?

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Peach 80s swimsuits: A boned sweetheart top that highlights a ravishing bust line

Little black suits: Fashionable black swimsuits from 1984

Bold splashes of color and sequins, daring new cuts and graceful angles. The classic black swimsuit — with a twist.

Vintage swimsuits from 1984

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Vintage swimsuits from 1984 1

Vintage swimsuits from 1984 2

Vintage swimsuits from 1984 3

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Vintage swimsuits from 1984 4

Vintage swimsuits from 1984 5

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