’50s eye makeup gets more colorful

’50s makeup looks for morning, noon, cocktail hour, evening

Same girl! 4 different looks! It’s the newest feminine strategy for making eyes. Play up to your mood or your costume… for exciting looks around the clock.

Morning: The light touch is the right touch for beauty in the a.m.! The key eye maker: Dark brown roll-on mascara.

Noon: Lunch-in-town blue… subtle but new! The key eye maker: Eyeshadow in pastel blue.

'50s makeup eye shadow


Cocktails: Cool and calculated eyes of limpid green! The key eye maker: Liquid eyeliner of green.

Evening: Going gala? Go all out with eyes like exotic orchids! The key eye maker: Platinum eye shadow over violet shadow.

1950s makeup eye shadow

Rainbow eyes are the latest fad in Cinema City today

Hollywood and Grapevine: Rush for the paint pots, gals, and get your rainbow eyes!

It’s the latest fad with movie belles, according to facial expert Aida Grey, who started it and says: “It’s wonderful for women over 30 to replace the coloring and highlights that fade as she grows older.”

War paint, says Aida, belongs around the peepers and nowhere else. The trick is to find just what colors nature has put into the eyes, and then repeat the hues starting from the eyelashes up.

Like a half line of blue under the blinkers, blue and green shadows on eyelashes and traces of the same colors in the eyebrows, Or a symphony of violet, chartreuse and gold.

Her crowning glory: Tips for more beautiful hair (1902)

Shades of Theda Bara, who smeared black around her orbs in the silent era.

'50s eye makeup gets more colorful

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