Vintage gift sets for men: After-shave, cologne & other grooming gifts for him

Vintage gift sets for men

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Avon for men (1965)

Trust Avon to know what father likes best. First Edition is Avon’s memorable way of showing Father this is his day… day after day. He’ll open the gift carton to After Shave Lotion and Talc in distinctive Spicy scent. Just two in Avon’s wide assortment of grooming products spiced with Avon’s popular Spicy scent.

He’ll know he’s first on your list — and first in your heart — when you give him grooming products by Avon.

Avon for Men gift set 1965

Citation (1965)

Look no more, my lady. For him, the solution is Citation.

The bold new array of sophisticated scents for men, by Mennen. He’ll like its robust fragrance. You will too. So look for the red and white gift box with the eagle on it. Gift problem solved!

Citation gift set 1965

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Currier & Ives (1965)

So magnificently in the spirit of Christmas — A superb collection of men’s toiletries.

No man can resist the woman who gives him a luxurious new Currier and Ives gift set for Christmas. And no woman can resist the manly elegance of these exciting new grooming aids for men. Ideal for every man on your gift list, they give year ‘round grooming perfection and pleasure.

Magnificent full-color reproductions of famous Currier and Ives prints make each set capture the true spirit of Christmas. And each set comes in its own distinctive and different gift box. There’s a gift set priced right for every man on your list… from $2.50 to $7.50.

Currier and Ives gift set 1965

Gillette gift set (1965)

Don’t cross a man off your list till you get him a Gillette Gift Set.

A gift for Dad, Uncle Jim, the postman, your younger brother? No problem. Gillette Gift Sets. They’re from the people who know men best. You can’t miss.

Gillette gift set 1965

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Old Spice (1965)

To most men… it just isn’t Christmas without Old Spice — the gift with that masculine, sea-fresh aroma — by Shulton!

Included soap-on-a-rope, deodorant, cologne, body talcum & more

Old Spice gift set 1965

Gilette’s Sun Up (1964)

Place of honor this Christmas… elegant new gift sets.

Vintage Gillette Sun Up for men from 1964

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Old Spice for Dad (1960)

Choose the gift that comes through with flying colors… Old Spice for Dad.

Vintage Old Spice gift set for men 1960

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Dare to give him 007 (1966)

…He’ll love you for it. There’s a 007 gift set for every man in your life. Give him as much as you dare.

Vintage 007 cosmetic gift sets from 1966

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Avon for Men (1963)

“Avon Calling!” now has a masculine ring! A man’s choice of shaving essentials: Shaving creams, lather or brushless; Foam Shave, regular or mentholated with a spicy scent. And Electric Pre-Shave Lotion.

All part of Avon’s complete line of good-grooming products for men who are discovering what women have known for years: Avon is quality.

Vintage Avon for Men grooming gift set from 1963

Yardley for him (1956)

Christmas gifts for good grooming.

Yardley gift sets from 1956

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