See 30 fab vintage blow dryers & handheld hair stylers from the 70s & 80s

Old-school blow dryers for hair

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These vintage blow dryers from the seventies and eighties were more than just hot air. These old-school handheld tools could dry! They could style! And they came in retro-popular colors like yellow, orange and baby blue.

Here’s a look back at some hot stuff that helped people get their Farrah Fawcett-inspired feathered hairstyles.

1000-watt Slimline-designed styler dryer (1970s)

This old-school blow dryer had a round brush and a curling iron attachment.

1970s hair styler-dryer

Gillette Supermax Hair Dryer-Styler (1972)

How to dry/smooth/shape/fluff/curl/straighten fast!

How? With new Supermax. It styles your hair in the time it takes to dry it And that’s faster than ever, because now it has more power than ever. Plus two settings for just the right balance of airflow and warmth.

And for styling, look at what the five handy attachments can do the concentrator does fast spot drying (like on rollers); the wide-tooth drying comb smooths; the brush helps add shape and fluff; the fine-tooth curler helps add curl; and the separate handle holds the combs and the brush (it’ll help you straighten hair with too much curl) so you can style with two hands. You see, new Supermax is the hurry-up dryer-styler.

1970s vintage Gillette Supermax hair dryer styler

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Vintage handheld blow dryers from the 1970s

(This hair tool even had the 1976 Olympics logo on it.)

Vintage blow dryers for hair from the 1970s

Sears hair-care accessories for men (1970s)

Hairdryers for men from the 70s

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Great hair-care gifts for men from Sears (1970s)

Great gifts for every guy on your list… all designed to give him today’s look: individual, masculine, well-groomed.

Styling dryers and hair grooming for guys from the seventies

A retro 1200-watt Mist styler dryer (1977)

Retro 70s hair dryer and styler

Vintage actress Farrah Fawcett with Schick hair tools from 1970s

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Vintage actress Farrah Fawcett with Schick hair tools from 1970s

Farrah promoting the Schick stylers in a TV commercial – It’s fast!

YouTube video

700-800 watt deluxe styler-dryer with attachments (1974)

Vintage hairstylers hairdryers 1974

Vintage Sears Best “Super Combo II” (1977)

Our exclusive Super Combo II… two units in one! So really versatile, it’s worth taking a closer look.

Sears Best hairdryers from the 1970s (1977)

Handheld blow dryers for hair - from 1977

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Vintage Conair Pro Baby 1200 hair dryer (1977/1978)

Pro Baby fits on half a page, but it’s not half a dryer! Only the Pro Baby- Hair Dryer packs a full 1200 watts of professional power into a sleek modern shape you can pick up anywhere, so it handles like a pistol grip.

Only Pro Baby stands alone, leaving both your hands free to style more professionally. And Pro Baby weighs less than 13 ounces to dry even the longest, silkiest head of hair without tiring your arm. Packs just as light in your suitcase.

Get Pro Baby, from the professionals. It feels like a baby, but it dries like a pro!

Vintage Conair Pro Baby 1200 hair dryer - 1977

Compact! Lightweight! Powerful! (1978)

Lightweight unit is great for travel, ideal for compact storage at home.

2 settings: Style (low heat, low speed) and Dry (high heat, high speed). 1200-watts for fast-drying action. [Made in] West Germany.

Construction: Plastic housing … gray and black for women; red and black for men. Concentrator attachment allows you to spot dry. Full-round nylon bristle brush included.

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Vintage blow dryer from 1978

Vintage 70s CurlDry blow-dryer attachment from Helene Curtis (1979)

Vintage 70s CurlDry blow-dryer attachment from Helene Curtis (1979) at ClickAmericana com


Vintage 1980s Sears hair-care set (1985)

This hair grooming tool set featured a 1400 watt hair dryer, a 1200 watt hair curler, a curling iron and more

Old-school blow-dryers for hair from 1985

These hand-held hair dryers made great gifts (1987)

1200-watt mini professional-style dryer has 4 head/speed combinations for styling versatility. It features removable side grills for cleaning which prolong the life of your styler. 120 volts. Includes styler.

1300-watt turbo-flow dryer has a folding handle and is dual 120/240 volts, so it’s great to pack on trips. Four-position switch for off, low, medium and high heat.

1000-watt styler-dryer includes find and wide tooth combs plus a 1/2 round brush so you can style while drying your hair.

Vintage 1980s blow dryer for women's hairstyles

Vintage 80s Conair “High Energy” hair styling set (1989)

The High Energy family pack keeps great looks all in the family. Set includes 1250-watt, turbo flow hair dryer with 2 heat/speed settings.

Retro high-energy hair dryers from 1989

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