Lip Smackers from Bonne Bell: The super trendy vintage lip balm from the ’70s & ’80s

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Vintage Lip Smackers from Bonne Bell
Dubbed “The world’s first flavored lip gloss,” Lip-Smackers made their debut in the mid-70s with Strawberry, Lemon and Green Apple flavors — and so began a multi-year reign as a favorite of tweens and teens across America that lasted well into the ’90s and beyond.

Here’s our collection of vintage Lip Smackers ads, featuring delish fruity flavors (like a drool-worthy watermelon!) and those of popular sodas, including Dr Pepper, Crush orange soda, Hires Root Beer and 7-Up.

Bonne Bell brings you a fresh crop of flavors

Wild raspberry, watermelon, cherry, orange chocolate, banana, peach, strawberry, grape

Bonne Bell fresh crop of flavors - vintage Lip Smackers

I’m crackers over Lip Smackers! (1983)

Bonne Bell brings you Lip-Smackers, the humongous lip gloss with super shiny moisturizers and flavor — flavor — flavor! Just two and a half smackeroos will get you one giant Lip-Smacker or three mini sizes in different flavors. Either way, your lips are gonna love them.

vintage lip smackers ad 1983

Come to Lip-Smacker land. (1970s)

It’s a yum-yum place where you’ll find 32 of the smackingest flavors under the sun. Among them are the uncontested favorite American flavors that only come from Bonne Bell.

And where is Lip-Smacker land? Anyplace you go where Lip-Smackers are. Goodness knows it’s just about anywhere. And it costs only 2 and a half smackers to get your very own, 4-times-bigger-than-ordinary lip gloss, with the special moisturizers and super sheen.

Come to Lip-Smacker land. We’re always making a new batch.

Bonne Bell Lip Smackers vintage ad

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Toot-Toot-Tootsie, Hello: Vintage Tootsie Roll-flavored lip balm

Now you can have the sweetest lips in the world.

Mmmm-mmm. Chocolaty rich flavor in a great big beautiful lip gloss. It’s the new Tootsie Roll Lip-Smacker by Bonne Bell. And not only is there no other lip gloss that tastes like a Tootsie Roll. There’s just no other lip gloss like a Lip-Smacker.

At least 4 times bigger than an ordinary lip gloss. Only Lip-Smackers give you Bonne Bell’s super moisturizing ingredients and, therefore, a dazzling shine.

And Lip-Smackers come in lots of lip-smacking flavors besides new Tootsie Roll, including Strawberry, Bubble Gum and Watermelon. For only 2 and a half smackeroos, one of them can be yours. Toot-Too-Tootsie Roll, good buy!

Tootsie roll Lip Smackers - vintage

America’s famous flavors. Only Bonne Bell’s got ’em. (c1975)

Hooray for Lip-Smackers! Not only are they the original humongous lip gloss, but they’re the niftiest, too.

Where else could you get the likes of Dr Pepper, Hires Root Beer, Orange Crush, 7Up, Tootsie Roll, Good And Plenty and Lemon Tree? Nowhere else. Because Bonne Bell’s got ’em and nobody else can get ’em.

America's famous flavors. Only Bonne Bell's got 'em. (c1975)

Bonne Bell brings you a little Dr Pepper. (c1976)

Wait till you wet your lips with Bonne Bell’s new Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. It’s the super shiny lip gloss with lip-smacking flavor… just like the world’s most original soft drink.

And it’s Bonne Bell quality, so it’s soothing and protective. It even had a sunscreen. Just what the doctor ordered for dry lips. In the roly poly Lip Smacker size, it’s four times bigger than any other lip gloss. $2.50.

From Bonne Bell of course: the cosmetics company that understands your taste.

1975 Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Dr Pepper ad

Vintage Lip Smackers by Bonne Bell (1980s)

Never have there been lip glosses like these. Plump, juicy Lip Smackers. In the kind of flavors that take first prize at the county fair.

Crisp cool watermelon. The wildest raspberry. The sweetest peach. A whole basketful of fresh taste treats, all lip-smacking good.

Vintage Lip Smackers by Bonne Bell (1980s)

How un-sweet it is! (1974)

New Sour Grapes. The pucker-up Lip-Smacker.

Sour Grapes flavor vintage lip smackers

Lip Smackers 7-Up flavor (1976)

Lip Smackers 7-Up flavor 1976

Remember Vintage Lip Lickers flavored lip glosses from the '70s & '80s?

Give him a Lip-Smacker smack

Retro ads - Give him a Lip-Smacker smack

Decisions. Decisions.

Flavors, flavors. That’s what Lip-Smackers have.

Vintage Lip Smackers - retro makeup for girls

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13 Responses

  1. Back in the 70’s, I bought a fat stick of Bonne Bell sugar plum lipgloss. I had it for one, maybe two days tops, then it was gone. I remember taking it to school with me. It just disappeared. Here it is Sunday April 3rd, 2016, and I still think about the gloss. I have never been able to find sugar plum again. Do you have some that I can order for old times sake?

    1. Oh my, the sugar plum was awesome. I’d forgotten all about that flavor, it was one of my faves…I’m going to do some googling, I’ll let you know if I find anything. Strawberry tasted nasty, but I found it to have the best gloss and hint of color.
      I love these darn things….the giant ones, of course!

    2. Bonne Bell continued to make Sugar Plum for years and brought it back every holiday. It’s still out there, keep your eyes peeled.

  2. Do you sell the original big lip smackers Grape I don’t know why I caught a smell of Grape lip smackers and I can’t Get it out of my nose. I wasn’t near anyone maybe s 70’s ghost . And sugar plum.. Where and how can I buy them?

  3. They still make lip smackers but not all the flavors I see listed here! I wish they still made orange chocolate, eggnog and maple nut, those sound good!

  4. They did an amazing cinnamon gloss for a while too, gave your lips a good tingle. Does anyone remember that?

    1. Omg yes, the Cinnamon Stick Lip Smacker sponge-on was one of my favorites for years than men it disappeared into the abyss. One of the best cinnamon flavored lip glosses ever made and I STILL think of it. Bonne Bell did so well with cinnamon flavors, some time around the 90’s they introduced a Cinnamon Sugar Lip Smacker that was to die for. They reintroduced it again a couple years back but it’s a completely different smell and not nearly as good as the original.

  5. My favorite was the big orange crush one! I used to smear it all over my face while skiing in the 70’s to keep my face warmer! These days the best orange one like the orange crush one is the Fanta Orange

  6. Back when these came out & were popular, I think mid to late 70s? or so- I had all the flavors, we would wear them around our necks on a lanyard. I believe they sold them connected to a lanyard type thing but I could be mistaken- I do remember vividly wearing mine around my neck in junior high school. They were geared toward young teenage girls, not old enough to wear real makeup.

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