Do you remember these 32 shampoos & conditioners from the ’80s?

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Vintage shampoos and conditioners from the 80s

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Take a step back in time and check out some of the most awesome shampoos & conditioners from the ’80s — including a lot of brands you can’t find anymore!

Priscilla Presley for Wella Balsam Shampoos (1980)

Make a beautiful discovery. New and improved Wella Balsam Shampoos. – Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley for Wella Balsam Shampoos (1980)

“Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!” shampoo & conditioner (1980)

New, improved “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.” Now Gee is better than ever, for hair that looks and feels its best, too.

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Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific

Tame Conditioning Clean Rinse (1980)

Is there a part of you that’s over-conditioned? Try Tame Conditioning Clean Rinse — so you won’t over condition your hair, so you can condition every day, so you can look as good as the rest of you.

Tame Conditioning Clean Rinse (1980)

I just tried Breck again. And wow! (1980)

Who knew the light conditioning in today’s Breck Shampoo would give me the stop’n stare hair? Light conditioning’s just right! Now there’s not a flyaway or greasy hair in sight.

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I just tried Breck again. And wow! (1980)

Naturally clean means Earth Born (1980)

Naturally clean means no alkaline residue, no conditioner buildup, and no greasy feel! When your hair feels naturally beautiful, so does the rest of you.

Naturally clean means Earth Born shampoo (1980)

Vintage Enhance shampoo and conditioner (1981)

Now Enhance has a shampoo for overworked hair

Vintage Enhance shampoo and conditioner 1981

Cristina Ferrare for Body on Tap shampoo with beer (1981)

When your hair’s got body, it’s got everything! Body on Tap shampoo — for the look of fuller, thicker, more manageable hair.

It’s a fabulous shampoo made with a touch of beer, and combined with a fragrance that’s fresh, light, elegant.

Try it. You’ll love what it does for your hair. You’ll love the fuller, thicker look, the joy or more manageable hair!

Cristina Ferrare for Body on Tap shampoo with beer (1981)

Pert shampoo: For bouncin’ & behavin’ hair (1981)

Hair so clean it bounces… so manageable it behaves. Pert’s cleaning-conditioner. No other leading shampoo has it. We’ve got the ‘drop’ on them.

Discover Pert Shampoo, the one shampoo that helps with two of today’s biggest hair problems.

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Pert shampoo For bouncin' & behavin' hair (1981)

Vintage Tender Treatment shampoo and conditioner (1981)

At last. A line of products made especially for the care of relaxed hair.

Tender Treatment shampoo and conditioner from 1981

Faberge shampoos (1982)

Nucleic acids & Panthenol and natural jojoba

Vintage Faberge shampoo from 1982 - Haircare

Victoria Principal for Jhirmack: Trade secret for beautiful hair (1982)

Jhirmack shampoos, conditioners and hairsprays give your hair professional care from start to finish. — Victoria Principal

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Victoria Principal for Jhirmack 1982

Your search is over. For Oily Hair Only is here! (1983)

FOHO shampoo breaks up oily sebum so fast, so fine, the oil is almost instantly dissolved. So it lifts right out of your hair — gently, very gently.

Your search is over. For Oily Hair Only is here! (1983)

Dimension Shampoo — Get all you need for beautiful healthy-looking hair. (1984)

Why settle for just silky, just shiny, or just bouncy, when you can get everything it takes for beautiful hair in just one shampoo?

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Vintage Dimension Shampoo beautiful healthy looking hair (1984)

UltraSwim shampoo (1984)

Swimming is good for your body. Bad for your hair. / Gets chlorine out. Puts beauty back in.

Old UltraSwim champoo - 1984

Clairol’s Condition II: It’ll leave your hair physically fit. (1984)

You need Clairol’s three-step physical fitness plan to get your hair into shape. 1. Condition shampoo, 2. Condition II Instant After Shampoo Treatment, and 3. Condition beauty pack.

Clairol's Condition II shampoo and conditioner 1984

Lilt – Vintage shampoo & conditioner for permed hair (1985)

Lilt perm shampoo from 1985

Atune shampoo and haircare from Helene Curtis (1985)

Introducing Atune: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Spray. The first system that keeps permed or colored hair looking good longer.

Atune! It’s just what I’ve been waiting for. A hair care system made just for permed or colored hair

Atune shampoo won’t strip my color or dry out my perm. The conditioner makes my color shine. It even perks up my perm. And Atune hair spray has a sunscreen. So even in the sun, my color won’t fade… my perm won’t frizz.

Finally! I can be kept in color and curls. Won’t my hairdresser be surprised.

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Atune shampoo and haircare from Helene Curtis (1985)

Christie Brinkley for Prell shampoo & conditioner (1985)

When your body’s in great condition, it should show. By Christie Brinkley.

Everyone who uses my Prell Body-Building Shampoo should know there’s only one way I’d show off that beautiful body — with Prell Conditioner. 

Christie Brinkley for Prell 1985

Vintage ’80s Suave haircare products – Shampoo, conditioner & mousse (1985)

Suave introduces 3 more solutions to the high cost of beautiful hair.

Suave has always made the most of my money — and my hair. So what more could I ask for? Well, Suave just came out with a new Extra Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner that are just right for me. And a new Styling Mousse.

With Suave’s new Extra Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, I can take it easy on my hair—no matter how often I wash or condition it. And it always looks terrific!

Whenever I want a little styling help, Suave’s new Styling Mousse is right at my fingertips. I use their Extra Control. But their Soft Control is perfect for that ‘natural’ look.

Suave looks better all the time. And so do I. So why not give them all a try? Considering the price, can you think of a better solution for beautiful hair?

Suave makes you look like you spent a fortune on your hair.

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Vintage Suave haircare products - Shampoo conditioner mousse (1985)

Salon secrets from Jhirmack (1987)

Jhirmack’s new conditioners. Formulated for clean conditioning. Choose from E.F.A., Nutri-Body, Gelave, or Natural Performance Formula.

Vintage Salon secrets from Jhirmack (1987)

Faberge Organics Shampoo with wheat germ oil & honey (1987)

The new beauty buzzword is honey

Everyone’s abuzz! They’re talking about Faberge Organics Shampoo with wheat germ oil — and honey!

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Vintage Faberge Organics Shampoo and conditioner - 1982

Bring out your natural highlights with Halsa. (1987)

Your hair has it’s own special glow. Make it come alive with Halsa — Halsa Swedish botanical shampoos and conditioners.

Bring out your natural highlights with Halsa shampoo 1987

Salon Selectives shampoo & conditioner (1987)

Feel like you just stepped out of the salon — Salon Selectives from Helene Curtis brings you salon beautiful hair.

Salon Selectives shampoo and conditioner (1987)

Belinda Carlisle: Turn up the volume with Agree (1988)

“Agree gives you hair like you never felt before. So turn up the volume… turn on the softness… and then really feel the magic.” — Belinda Carlisle (Go Gos)

Belinda Carlisle for Agree Shampoo 1988

Flex Sun & Sport (1988)

Beautiful protection for your active hair. Flex is the official haircare sponsor for the U.S. Ski Team.

1988 Flex shampoo - beauty hair

Connie Sellecca: You can do more with Flex (1989)

“The latest shaping, the newest shine.”

Connie Sellecca You can do more with Flex (1989)

Cindy Crawford for Revlon Outrageous daily beautifying shampoo & conditioner

“I say your hair can be outrageous.” – Supermodel Cindy Crawford

The outrageous patented shampoo formula is enriched with pro-vitamin b5, silk protein and moisture-binding silicon.

Cindy Crawford for Revlon Outrageous vintage shampoo and conditioners

Supermodel Iman for Pantene (1987)

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” (See more of these vintage ads here)

Iman Pantene ad 1987

’80s Jheri Redding shampoo and conditioner (1986)

80s Jheri Redding shampoo and conditioner from 1986

Cindy Crawford for Flex protein shampoo with Fortifyl

Drench your hair in the look of health — therapy for your hair that wants to look drenched in health.

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Cindy Crawford for Flex with Fortifyl - 1980s

Kathy Ireland for Agree II shampoo & conditioner

You don’t have to diet to get this beautiful body. You just need Agree II. Agree II, builds beautiful body.

Kathy Ireland for Agree II shampoo conditioner

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