See retro 1970s exercise equipment, weights & more fitness gear for the home gym

Retro 70s workouts and exercise equipment

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Compared to the fitness gear we have today — when you can have gym-quality equipment even at home — a lot of the 1970s exercise equipment below looks ridiculously flimsy and ineffective.

It wouldn’t be long before home exercise equipment would be made of sturdier stuff as the healthy new (and super-profitable) industry helped millions of Americans get in shape.

Retro ’70s fitness basics!

Stationary bicycles, rowing machines, slant boards & more home workout equipment from 1976 & 1977

70s vintage exercise shop home gym equipment from 1977 (1)

Glide-A-Matic exerciser: A lawnmower-style treadmill

Jog or walk on its exclusive Flat Bed

At last, an exerciser that lets you simulate a jog on a smooth, flat road — without the discomfort of “running on rollers”! Helps prevent hot, sore feet… you can jog comfortably to help firm-up, tone-up muscles all over your body.

Smooth, plastic jogging surface glides over a flat metal base. A metal roller at each end and dual flywheels assure vibration-free action. Greater jogging comfort can help your exercise program progress. Begin slowly with incline at an angle, then adjust incline to a flat position for a greater challenge.

Pedometer shows distance traveled. Avocado color jogging belt removes for cleaning. Heavy-duty metal frame is 20×48 inches long. Easy-to-grip handle removes for convenient storage. Shipped semi-assembled.

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Old-school treadmills from the seventies (2)

5-speed Electra-Cyzer (from 1971)

Exercisers that give you all the benefits of cycling, riding and rowing without ever leaving your home

Retro 70s exercises machine from 1971

Vintage weights: Barbell & dumbbell sets (1974)

Begin at-home workouts with this complete barbell-dumbbell set… Includes steel bar, two red 15-pound, four blue 10-pound, four red 5-pound and four white 2-1/2 pound weights, wrench, and two weight training booklets.

Bar separates into three pieces… stores easily and may be used as separate dumbbells for individual arm workouts. Twist-on end collars… change plates in seconds — Plates and collars interlock — Fourteen separate polypropylene encased plates.

Old 70s weights and weight benches from 1975

Vintage weight bench – Ted Williams brand

With padded leg-lift bar and 5-position tilt back, you can do more exercises than on any other bench… will support up to 500 pounds.

Vintage weights and weight benches from 1974 (1)

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Best belt massager: Designed to massage 2 areas of your body at once

Enjoy massage just the way you like it… in two areas of your body at the same time for twice the massage action… while your toes are pampered in plush, fluffy pile carpeting. Vari-speed control lets you set massager for any speed… visual dial indicator lets you choose custom-like exercise action.

Have a deep-down, penetrating massage or a light surface vibration. Set stroke depth from gentle to mild to vigorous. Twin posts assure wobble-free action at any speed or stroke depth. 30-minute timer turns machine off when time runs out.

Support bar on housing. 5-in., 4-in. and 3-in. color-coordinated cotton belts have non-stretch leather ends. Moss green carpeting. Harvest yellow enameled aluminum base, housing. Powerful 1/4-HP motor for vibrating.

Retro yellow belt massager for workout

Arlene Dahl Beautysuits for ’70s fitness fashion

Exercise your way to a fitter figure in this 100% nylon ribbed knit jumpsuit .. an opaque, two-way stretch “fashion first” with zip front and a collar you can wear in a turtleneck or V-neck style.

Designed exclusively for Sears by Arlene Dahl, it covers you like a second skin — from neck to toe — while you bend, stretch, pedal or jog.

Wear it under your own jumper, pants or skirt and vest throughout the day for a new kind of fashion freedom. Machine wash separately, warm temperature. Sizes S (5 ft. to 5 ft. 5 in.); M (5 ft. 6 in. to 5 ft. 10 in.) Olive Green/American Beauty Pink

Vintage 1970s exercise bikes and fitness equipment (6)

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Vintage ’70s stationary bike (1974/1975)

Vintage 1970s exercise bikes and fitness equipment (5)

Exercise center workout equipment (1978)

A versatile unit that allows you to enjoy the benefits of at least 10 basic exercises!

Also: Triple-Action Progress-A-Cyzer exercise bike, Deluxe hydraulic rowing exerciser, tummy toner & slant board.

70s retro exercise shop home gym equipment from 1978

Flex-A-Lounge: Provides all-over body exercise .. or just relaxation

This furniture-look exerciser is as versatile as it is attractive. Provides a great head-to-toe S-T-R-E-T-C-H for waist, thighs, legs, back and arms.

Adapts for exercises the whole family will enjoy. Helps encourage better posture when you rock up and down to exercise back .. helps firm-up hips and thighs at the same time. Use in prone position on back, side or stomach.

Looks so much like a modern piece of furniture you can leave it right in the rec room or on the patio—ready for use on a moment’s notice. Handsome black and gold vinyl-covering blends with every decor.

Flex-A-Lounge exerciser from the 70s

Retro-style roller massager

Retro massager seat and woman in black bodysuit

Wheel cycle stationary bike & more

Deluxe Walking-Jogging Exerciser, with optional side rails (basically a flimsy unpowered treadmill)

70s vintage exercise shop home gym equipment from 1977 (2)

8-way exercise bike

1 Pedals forward
2 Pedals backward
3 Handlebars rotate forward
4 Handlebars rotate backward
5-8 Combines pedal and handlebar motion

Exclusive rotating handlebars give maximum torso-stretch — help tone-up chest and arm muscles other exercisers neglect. Cycling action with smooth flywheel drive gives legs and feet a workout. Dashboard speedometer, odometer.

Variable handlebar and pedaling tensions adjust with a twist of a knob. Handlebar and seat height adjust without tools. Rubber pedals. Heavy-gauge tubular steel frame has stable crescent design; beige finish. Anatomically-designed, padded seat; off-white vinyl cover. Semi-assembled. From Italy. Shipping weight 51 pounds $79.95

Vintage 1970s exercise bikes and fitness equipment (2)

Favorite vintage ’70s fitness gear for women

Stationary bikes, belt massagers, roller massager and a portable plug-in steam bath

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70s vintage exercise shop home gym equipment from 1977 (3)

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