109 colors of Revlon nail polish (1981)

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Revlon nail enamel

The professional nail enamel you can use at home

Dries fast. Looks wet. Stubbornly resists chipping. So all-around sensational, professional manicurists use it. On the job. And at home.

Revlon nail enamel

109 colors of Revlon nail polish (1981)

Manicure and nail care tips

If you have hands and nails looking the way they should, here are suggestions on how to keep them that way:

  • Avoid using nails to open jars or to scrape lobster meat from claws. If it’s worth getting to, it’s worth using the proper utensil.
  • Open jewelry clasps or lockets with a metal nail file rather than fingernails.
  • Always use a pen or pencil to dial a phone and knuckles to press for an elevator.
  • Don’t keep hands in chemicals or hot water for long periods of time. If you love to soak in a hot tub for hours, try to keep hands out of the water as much as possible.
  • Moisturize hands every time you moisturize your face.
  • Avoid picking at nail polish. You may pull off a layer of nail and weaken it.
  • Wash hair with the pads of your fingers rather than your nails. It’s better for circulation and manicure.

Take good care of your hands. You’ll notice less breakage and long-lasting manicures when you pay attention to what you do with those pretty fingers.

– Marcia Fine, Beauty Plus (Published in the Arizona Republic, January 20, 1981)

Nail polish: 109 landmark colors, from who else but Revlon?

Silvered Rose, Bronzeglow, Tiajuana Bronze, Naked Pink, Silver Lilac, Chilliest Rose

Cadillac Red (Crystalline), Fire Pearl, Misty Plum, Goldleaf Red, Copperglaze, Misty Mauve

Fire & lce, Shanghai Scarlet, Cadillac Red (Creme), Heather Silk, Coppergold, Gingerpeachy (Crystalline)

109 colors of Revlon nail polish (1981)

Super Platinum, Pure Pearl, Natural, Sea Ivory, Shell Platinum, Ipanema Gold

Bronzed Beige, Glossiest Brown, Vanilla Orchid, Mocha Mauve, Pink Crystal, Golden Ginger

Misty Taupe, Summertan (Frost), Misty Mocha, Sweet Clove, Summertan (Crystalline), Windsor

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Nail polish colors

Frostiest Pink, Blush Platinum, Snow Lilac, Pink Spicing, China Almond

Cocoa Pearl, Sand Beige, Bronze Platinum, Gingerpeachy, Polished Amber

Almost Red, Cherry Blossom, Misty Lilac, Wild Rice, Earthy Cinnamon

Vintage nail polish

109 colors of Revlon nail polish (1981)

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