Caramel peanut nests dessert recipe

Caramel-peanut nests with a candy egg (1980)

These adorable little candy 'nests' are created to hold one perfect little 'egg' -- also known as a peanut m&m. This vintage recipe could help make an adorable addition to an Easter basket!
Make a cookie Gingerbread house for Christmas (2)

Make a cookie house as a gingerbread house this Christmas

For sheer imagination and warmth, Christmas cannot be compared with any other holiday. People of all ages will love these cute Christmas cookie houses, which can be made easily and inexpensively. See examples and get directions here!
Salted 9 ways to use homemade caramel syrup (1919)fudge

9 ways to use homemade caramel syrup (1919)

The flavor of homemade caramel syrup depends entirely on how hot the sugar has gotten before water was added. But when you get it right, you end up with an amazingly complex and sweet syrup to pour on desserts and use in a variety of ways. Here's a look!