These 1980s fruit snacks came in a ton of shapes, flavors & colors

1980s fruit snacks

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The 1980s was a busy decade for the makers of fruit snacks.

In a matter of years, Americans went from the old standbys — things like raisins and Joray fruit leather — to being bombarded with dried-fruit-like candy snacks from major brands like Sunkist, Fruit Corners/Betty Crocker (owned by General Mills) and Del Monte.

Of course, the market nowadays is even more crowded, with more sweet fruity products than ever — but they all owe a debt of gratitude to the Gen X kids who grew up in the eighties, and proved that the chewy candy-like treats would be big sellers.

These 1980s fruit snacks came in a ton of shapes, flavors colors

1980s fruit snacks: New Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups (1980)

Unroll delicious new Fruit Roll-Ups and you’re ready to enjoy an exciting new kind of chewy snack made from real fruit.

Try Strawberry, Apricot, Cherry, and Apple Fruit Roll-Ups. All four, wholesome and fun to eat, too.

The perfect snack. Pick up a box of New Fruit Roll-Ups, and get real fruit and fun rolled up in one.

New Fruit Roll-Ups (Vintage snacks from 1980)

Introducing the fruit you unroll, peel and chew! (1982)

New Fruit Roll-Ups are a whole lot more than a fantastic new snack. They’re a whole new way to eat fruit! Real fruit.

Fruit roll-ups are made from real strawberries, cherries, apples or apricots rolled up into a wholesome, chewy snack.

Now, kids think they’re real good because they’re real fun. But you’ll think they’re real good because they’re real wholesome real fruit snacks. Really.

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Vintage Fruit Roll-Ups from Fruit Corners (1982)

Sunkist Fruit Rolls: A kid’s idea of the perfect fruit. (1984)

And a mom’s idea of the perfect snack. Because they’re made with real fruit and other wholesome ingredients, pressed flat and rolled onto cellophane, so kids can peel off a piece anyplace, anytime they feel like it.

Sunkist Fruit Rolls are individually wrapped for freshness and packed six to a box. You’ll find them in cherry, grape, strawberry and orange in the granola snack section of your supermarket.

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Vintage 1980s Sunkist Fruit Rolls (1984)

Del Monte fruit snacks: New energy sources discovered (1985)

Look for new Del Monte Fruit Snacks in the Granola Bar section of your favorite store.

Resealable canisters: Diced Fruit Mix, Seedless Raisins, Pitted Prunes, Yogurt Raisins, Strawberry Yogurt Raisins

Single serving boxes: Diced Fruit Mix, Yogurt Raisins

Snack Packs (pouches): Tropical Fruit

Packed with concentrated fruit energy

Vintage eighties Del Monte fruit snacks (1985)

Bite & smile: Fruit Corners strawberry Fruit Bars (1985)

New Fruit Corners Fruit Bars just changed the face of fruit forever. 

They’re 100% natural. 100% delicious. Made with real fruit. They come in grape, cherry, strawberry, and orange-pineapple.

Just give someone a Fruit Corners Fruit Bar and watch a bite turn into a smile.

Fruit Corners strawberry Fruit Bars (1985)

Strawberry Fruit Corners Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit Bars (1986)

Beat around the bush: This strawberry wasn’t easy to pick. We traveled to a world-renowned field where some of the best strawberries grow. We looked for the ripest. We looked for the sweetest. And we looked for the juiciest.

We circled all the bushes in that field and put a lot of thought into picking just the right berries.

Because only the sweetest, juiciest, freshest fruit has a chance to become Fruit Corners Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit Bars. Great-tasting fruit snacks come from great fruit. About that, we get right to the point.

If it comes from Fruit Corners, it’s made with real fruit.

Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit Bars - strawberry (1986)

1980s fruit snacks: Flavor Tree Fruit Nibbles (1986)

Easy and fun to eat, bite-size real fruit snacks. Made with real strawberries, oranges, cherries and grapes. Enjoy Fruit Nibbles anytime with school lunch or at play whenever you want a great tasting snack. 

Flavors: Assorted Fruit, Cherry & Yogurt, Orange & Yogurt, Strawberry & Choccolate, Grape & Peanut Butter

[In the coupon information is the name Thomas J Lipton, Inc. so this looks like it was a division of Lipton]

Flavor Tree Fruit Nibbles (1986)

Retro ’80s Fruit Corners Fruit Wrinkles snack treat (1986)

“Why I like new Fruit Wrinkles.”

According to Kids: “They’re neat to eat ’cause they’re fun and taste great!”

According to Moms: “I knew my kids would like these Fruit Wrinkles because they’re made with real fruit. And my kids love fruit.”

“Gimme this. Gimme that I’m glad my kids are asking for something that’s good for them.”

“Orange, lemon, cherry, strawberry… my kids like them all. I like them because they’ve got Vitamin C.”

“They’re so easy to pack… in a pocket or a lunchbox.”

“My son thinks they’re neat to eat ’cause they’re fun and taste great!”

“I knew Fruit Wrinkles would be good. They come from the makers of Fruit Bars and Fruit Roll-Ups!”

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Retro 80s Fruit Wrinkles snack treat (1986)

Fun Fruits: Introducing 3 new kinds of fun (1986)

Sunkist Fun Fruits — chewy real fruit snacks. Flavors: Tropical Fruit, Fantastic Fruit Punch and Berry Bunch

Fun Fruits (1986)

THINK TWICE: Vintage Sunkist Fun Fruits vs Fruit Corners Fruit Wrinkles (1987)

Why choose Strawberry Fun Fruits with 50% more added sugars?

Choose Strawberry Fruit Wrinkles, with nearly twice the real fruit.

Comparison between Fruit Comers Strawbery Fruit Wrinkles and Sunkist Strawberry Fun Fruits only. Fruit Wrinkles contain both strawberries and pear puree concentrate. Fruit and sugars content of other Fruit Corners products vary by product and product line.

Vintage Sunkist Fun Fruits vs Fruit Corners Fruit Wrinkles (1987)

THINK TWICE AGAIN: Vintage Sunkist Fun Fruits vs Fruit Corners Fruit Wrinkles (1987)

First, think about all the luscious, real fruit flavors of Fruit Corners fruit snacks. Now think what an excellent source of Vitamin C they are. It’s no wonder Moms choose Fruit Corners.

Fruit Swirl Bars (Real Raspberries and Cream), Fruit Roll-Ups (Grape), Fruit Wrinkles pouches (Orange)

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Fruit Swirl bars and more 1980s fruit snacks (1987)

Powerful good: Vintage Del Monte 1980s Fruit Snacks (1987)

Concentrated fruit energy. Bits of real fruit. Delicious. Flavorful. Packed to go where you do. In varieties like Tropical Fruit Mix and Sierra Trail Mix. (Also Strawberry Yogurt Raisins.)

For a natural lift, tear into some. It’s a powerful good snack.

Vintage Del Monte 1980s fruit snacks (1987)

Introducing Sunkist Fun Fruits Creme Supremes (1987)

Now we’ve turned real fruit and yogurt into a whole new kind of wholesome fruit snack.

We put a strawberry, cherry or orange Fun Fruit on the inside. And a delicious coating of yogurt on the outside.

Sunkist Fun Fruits Creme Supremes (1987)

New varieties: Fun Fruits Dinosaurs & Fun Fruits Letters (1988)

New varieties Fun Fruits Dinosaurs and Fun Fruits Letters (1988)

One of the best things about being a kid.

Sunkist Fun Fruits’ fruit snacks have become a wholesome part of growing up. A way of having fun. And sharing fun.

But the best thing about Fun Fruits is that they’re made with real fruit. So every chewy one is real fruity fun. Fun to eat… and especially fun to share. We turn real fruit into real fun for kids.

Vintage Fun Fruits Dinosaurs & Fun Fruits Letters (1988)

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