Classic gingerbread houses: 28 clever Christmas creations made with cookies & candy (1987)

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Gingerbread house gallery Christmas cookies & candy (1987)

Gingerbread house for Christmas

Classic gingerbread houses: Gingerbread gallery

For the merriest of holidays, here is a collection of gingerbread houses. Make our fairy-tale cottage and the trio …

Vintage Gingerbread house gallery

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Gingerbread houses


Make a cookie house as a gingerbread house this Christmas

Vintage gingerbread houses – old-fashioned Christmas decorations and designs

A half-timbered country house, a church with twin towers, a marvelous Victorian manse — take your pick.

Gingerbread plain (the log cabin second right) or gingerbread fancy (the mansion), there’s absolutely nothing more fun to make, with all hands pitching in and the spicy smell of Christmas in the air.

Old-fashioned Gingerbread house Christmas decorations

How to make a gingerbread house with Rice Krispies (1999)

Vintage gingerbread house designs

Cute vintage gingerbread houses

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