Make a little Christmas tree! Create festivity on a small scale (1977)

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Little Christmas trees Festivity on a small scale

Make a little Christmas tree: Festivity on a small scale

Five different ideas for the holiday house

Every home has room for a Christmas tree, even if it’s only the tabletop variety. As the focus of Yuletide decorating, or as the finishing touch to the holiday table, see the festive joy a small tree can bring to your home.

1) A miniature traditional little Christmas tree

This little Christmas tree has beads and bows for trimmings, a profusion of hand-decorated gifts clustered beneath and a Christmas-colored tartan cloth have transformed the corner of this elegant room into the center of seasonal spirit and activity.

Little Christmas trees - Festivity on a small scale (1)

2) Start a new family tradition with a teepee-style little Christmas tree

Store small gifts inside a “teepee tree” and enjoy the color it adds while you wait for Christmas morning to open both the tree and the presents. Sew the teepee out of sturdy canvas, then decorate (we’ve used Indian silk bows).

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Little Christmas trees - Festivity on a small scale (2)

3) The sweets in a little Christmas tree centerpiece

This “sweetmeat tree” centerpiece is sure to please your guests — if you let them eat it. (Go ahead — you can always make another!) Our tree is a sweet tooth’s delight — strawberries, candied citrus rind, dried apricots, grapes, sugar-coated almonds and gumdrops are for taste as well as eye appeal.

Little Christmas trees - Festivity on a small scale (3)

4) Show visitors how your family celebrates the happy times

Take pictures all year long and by Christmas, you’ll have a tree full. Frame the photos with wrapping paper and yarn, then tie to the tree with ribbons. PS: Give the photographs to Grandma and Grandpa for a post-holiday gift. Camera and film are by Kodak.

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Little Christmas trees - Festivity on a small scale (4)

5) A little Christmas tree with appetizers

When guests arrive, they’ll gather around a little Christmas tree ornamented with hors-d’oeuvres. We’ve bedecked this sturdy pine with baskets of raw vegetables; breadsticks and more vegetables are tied on with bows. Dips and refills are handy beneath the tree.

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Little Christmas trees - Festivity on a small scale (5)
Trees 2, 3, 4 and 5 were photographed against a background of 18th-century English antiques at Landrigan & Stair, Inc., New York City

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