Candy from the 70s: Remember these deliciously unforgettable sweets?

1970s candy brands and flavors

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Step back in time and get ready to unwrap memories of the sweet, nostalgic flavors of 1970s candy. Whether you were a child of the 70s or simply curious about the confections that defined this era, you’re in for a treat!

This collection of 1970s candy will take you on a journey or reminiscence about some of the most memorable and beloved candies of the decade. (Want more? Take a look back at 1980s candy and 1990s candy, too!

The lineup of Hershey’s candy bars in 1978

Vintage chocolate bars shown: Hershey’s with Almonds 1/2 pound bar, Special Dark half pound bar, Mr Goodbar 1/2 pound, Krackel, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Hershey’s milk chocolate (1/2 pound), Special Dark bars, Rolo, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Mr Goodbar, Hershey’s with almonds candy bar pack, Krackel chocolate bars

Hershey's candy bars from 1978

Vintage Clark Bar & Clark Crispy Bar (1979)

Vintage Clark Bar and Clark Crispy Bar (1979)

Pixy Stix and SweeTarts candy (1975)

Pixy Stix and SweeTarts candy (1975)

Snik Snak Stiks candy from Mars (c 1974)

Snik Snak Stiks candy from Mars c1974

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Brach’s chocolate-covered cherries: First in the hearts of our countrymen! (1970)

To tell the truth: Brach’s Chocolate Covered Cherries are the nation’s number one brand, because Brach creates them with tender, loving care.

We select plump, juicy, whole cherries — cordial them in rich, velvety creme — then each one is coated thick with Brach’s own real chocolate.

Celebrate George Washington’s birthday with a box of Brach’s Chocolate Covered Cherries! Available in Bingmont flavored & Maraschino flavored. By the bag or by the box your best candy buy is Brach’s… and that’s the honest truth!

Brach's chocolate-covered cherries (1970)

Old-fashioned Hershey’s candy (1976)

Assorted retro 1970s candy packaging including Reeses, Rolo, Toffo chewy caramels, and Hershey’s milk chocolate bars.

Retro Hershey's candy (1976)

Retro Brach’s 1970s candy (1978)

Brach’s – For all the good things in candy.

Honey and butter and mint and orange. Our pure and real and natural ingredients are used in just the right amounts to make these Brach’s candies exceptionally delicious. But whichever Brach’s candies you choose (the tempting assortment makes it difficult!) you’ll have fresh and flavorful favorites for everyone to enjoy. All the good things in candy are wrapped up in the familiar Brach’s stripes.

Real butter makes richer Butterscotch Disks — Pure dairy butter. it means that extra buttery taste that lasts and lasts. 

Real honey makes the sweetest Candy Corn — Clear, golden honey. That’s the difference in the flavor in every fresh, luscious kernel.

Real orange flavor makes tangy Orange Slices — Just-squeezed — orange flavor. Every slice tastes like you just peeled it.

Real oil of peppermint makes our mints mintier — Garden fresh mint flavor. Incredibly cool and crisp. These refreshing Starlight Mints keep your taste buds tingling! 

Retro Brach's candies (1978)

Fearless Fudgie says ‘Everybody likes Kraft Fudgies’ (1971)

They’re gooey. They’re chewy. They’re chocolaty. Kraft Fudgies are the fun-to-eat candies. Take Fearless Fudgie’s advice, and buy a bag of fun today.

1970s chocolate candies

Aplets and Cotlets candy: The non-chocolate alternative (1972)

Aplets & Cotlets are definitely not chocolate. They are made from fruit and nuts. No preservatives added.

Imagine the fresh taste of apples or apricots, surrounded by morsels of walnuts. Yet, they aren’t chewy and they aren’t crisp, either.

Instead, they’re… well they’re Aplets & Cotlets. For more than fifty years, people have been buying and enjoying these appetizing candies. In many families, they’re a traditional gift on special occasions. Many people just keep a dish handy for guests that drop in during the festive season.

Whatever your reason, you’ll find Aplets & Cotlets in gift boxes in candy departments everywhere… reserved for the people who love candy, but like the non-chocolate alternative, too.

Aplets and Cotlets candy (1972)

Vintage Topps gum brands and varieties from 1975

Bazooka gum, candy pennies, Bazooka bubble gum, Gold Rush chiclets candy bags, Bozo gumballs, Topps baseball & basketball trading cards, Name Droppers, lollipops, Bazooka Big Buddy (flavors shown: Hawaiian, frosty, cherry, grape, raspberry, lemon-lime, fruit) and others.

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Vintage Topps gum brands and varieties from 1975

Candy from the 70s – Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Rolls (1971)

Candy from the 70s - Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Rolls (1971)

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Vintage Peter Paul chocolate bars: Mounds, Almond Joy & more (1973)

Party bars/fun size: PowerHouse (caramel, peanuts & fudge), Almond Joy (coconut & almond under chocolate), Caravelle (caramel & crisp rice in chocolate) and Mounds (coconut under chocolate)

Vintage Peter Paul candies - Mounds Caravelle Almond Joy (1973)

Vintage Life Savers Christmas candy (1972)

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Santa with Vintage Life Savers Christmas stocking stuffer candy from 1972

Kids’ gum brands from the 70s (1975)

Bazooka, Big Buddy, Gold Rush, and more classic gum.

Sweet old-fashioned kids' gum brands from the 70s (1975)

Sweet old-fashioned chocolate 1970s candy (1978)

Hershey’s milk chocolate with almonds, foil-covered solid milk chocolate eggs, Kit-Kat snack-size bars, Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Rolo, and Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures.

Vintage chocolate candies from Hershey's (1978)

Hershey’s Kisses for Christmas – Candy from 1976

Hershey's Kisses for Christmas - Candy from 1976

A hundred Hershey’s kisses on a factory conveyor belt (1976)

A hundred Hershey's kisses on a factory conveyor belt (1976)

Vintage 1970s candy sales for fundraisers

Mrs. Leland (Mary Leland) Old Vienna Chocolate Melt-a-ways, chocolate Pollywogs (Polly-wogs) in pecans and cashews as well as caramel, and Old-Fashioned rich milk chocolate.

Vintage candy sales for fundraisers in 1970 (1)

Kraft caramels and candy apples (1978)

Kraft caramels and candy apples (1978)

Brach’s chocolates: Peanuts & bridge mix (1979)

Brach’s wants you and your family to enjoy the best taste and value in chocolate candy. That’s why we still take those special steps that make Brach’s taste better than other candy.

We roast and blend our own cocoa beans, then we prepare seven different real chocolate recipes to give us the best-tasting chocolate for each delicious center.

Brach’s uses just the right amount of natural ingredients like butter, milk, real oil of peppermint, plump Michigan cherries, and fresh ingredients such as crunchy peanuts, chewy raisins and more.

We double dip our peanuts in two coatings of real chocolate. And only Brach’s Bridge Mix has twelve different centers. No wonder Brach’s is still number one for the best-tasting treat in chocolate candy.

Brach's chocolates - Peanuts and bridge mix (1979)

Classic Hershey’s milk chocolate bars (1975)

Classic Hershey's milk chocolate bars (1975)

Vintage Richardson after-dinner mints (1971)

Classic Richardson after-dinner mints (1971)

Freeze candy bars and add a stick to make popsicles (1978)

Freeze candy bars and add a stick to make popsicles (1978)

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Freeze fun-size chocolate candy bars – M&Ms Mars (1972)

Now’s the time for the candy bars that taste so good frozen — Fun Size Milky Way Bars, Snickers Chocolate Peanut Bars, 3 Musketeers Bars, and Mars Almond Bars! Fun Size Freeze ‘ems — what a shivery-delicious way for candy bars to taste! Hear them ‘‘crackle” when you bite. And they’re frosty-firm, so every bite lasts and lasts.

Get ’em by the big bagful and Freeze ’em! Freeze ‘em, chill ’em — and for still more fun, pack ’em frozen in a cooler to take along on all your summer outings.

Wouldn’t Freeze ‘ems be great at the beach? On picnics? So nice ‘n’ icy ‘n’ neat to eat, you can even enjoy them as you go —wherever you and your family drive this Freeze ’em Season. Sounds like fun? Just try ‘em!

Freeze fun-size chocolate candy bars - MMs Mars (1972)

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Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum (1979)

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum (1979)

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Brach’s Royals candy from the 70s (1971)

Royals are unique. Chewy caramel outside — creamy nougat inside. Six tasty flavors — Orange, Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate, Maple and Butter Chews.

Brach's Royals candy (1971)

Junior Mints boxes from 1977

Junior Mints boxes from 1977

Kraft miniature marshmallows (1976)

Kraft miniature marshmallows (1976)

Old-school Clark Bars and Zagnut from the 70s (1976)

Old-school Clark Bars and Zagnut candy (1976)

Rally chocolate candy bar (1970)

Rally chocolate candy bar (1970)

Retro Kraft 1970s candy (1970)

Peanut Brittle, Chocolate-Covered Peanut Clusters, Kraft Fudgies, Chewy Toffee, Butter Mints

Retro Kraft candies (1970)

Kraft Candy from the 70s with newer designs (1974)

Butter mints, toffee, Fudgies, peanut brittle & coconut brittle

Candy from the 70s Kraft toffee, peanut brittle, Fudgies and more (1974)

Vintage Societe Candy from the 1970s (1976)

Vintage 70s Societe Candy (1976)

Retro Brach’s Jots candy from the 70s

Milk Chocolate Jots, and also raisin and peanut flavors

Vintage Brach's Jots candies (1970)

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Hershey’s Halloween candy packs (1971)

Trick or Treat wrapped candies include Reeses, Krackel, Mr. Goodbar, Hershey’s Kisses, M&Ms, Rally, and Hershey-ets.

Vintage Hershey's Halloween candy packs (1971)

Vintage jelly candies from the 70s: Chuckles (1979)

Vintage jelly candies - Chuckles (1979)

Vintage Nabisco 1970s candy (1975)

Classic packaged candies shown include Pom Poms, Junior Mints, Cortina assorted chocolates, Cortina Thin Mints, Welch’s Cortina chocolate-covered cherries, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama, Sugar Babies, and Jujubes Chuckles.

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Vintage Nabisco candies (1975)

1970s candy bar packaging – M&M Mars candy bars (1971)

Candy shown includes Double Crunch, 3 Musketeers, Mars almond bars, M&M’s plain chocolate candies, Snickers, Snickers Peanut Munch, Sprint chocolate wafers, Peanut M&M’s, and Milky Way.

Vintage Candy from the 70s packaging - MM Mars candy bars (1971)

Vintage 70s Milk Duds candy (1979)

Vintage 70s Milk Duds candy (1979)

70s Hersheys chocolate candy bars

A retro display of candy that features Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures, Special Dark chocolate bar, Treats solid milk chocolate balls, Herhsey’s Kisses, Rally, Kit-Kat wafer bars, Hershey-ets, Krackel, Milk chocolate Peanuts, and Hershey’s with almonds.

1970s Hershey's candy bars (2)

1970s Hershey's candy bars (1)

Brach’s Maple Nut Goodies candy (1970)

Brach's Maple Nut Goodies candy (1970)

Candy from the 70s for Valentine’s Day: Can we be your Valentine?

This year you can be sweet on everybody. All you need is a little ingenuity and three of America’s favorite chocolates. Snickers bar, 3 Musketeers Bar, Milky Way bar.

Wrap them individually, by the six-pack, or make a fun-size candies Valentine as big as your imagination. We just show you here a few of the thousands of ways we can be your Valentine. Because the ones you make yourself are sweeter.

Valentine's Day candy

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