Remember these vintage Welch’s candies? Junior Mints, Sugar Daddy, Nut Fudge, Pom Poms & more

Remember these vintage Welch's candies

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Do you remember these popular vintage candies, like Junior Mints, Nut Fudge, Cordialed Cherries and Sugar Daddies. See them here, from back when they were produced by the James O Welch confectionery company.

Vintage Welch’s Junior Mints (1950)

New! Chocolate mint patties in miniature!

Delicious and nibble-size! If you like chocolate-covered mint patties, you’ll love tiny Junior Mints … Creamy peppermint center, covered with smooth dark chocolate. Mmmmm! So inexpensive, too!

Try Junior Mints real soon. In the 5c “Get acquainted” box or the large size “Economy Pack.”

Chewsy folks love Pom Poms: Milk chocolate covered chewy caramels in minature!


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Vintage Welch's Junior Mints 1950

Vintage Welch’s candies from 1955

Vintage Welch's candies from 1955

The Great Candy Robbery: Vintage Welch’s (1967)

Take home the loot: Welch’s Candies. Take home the was part of the loot. And by all means, take home some Junior Mints … watch out for Grandma, she’ll steal ’em. Sugar Daddy Juniors — the kids’ll be the first ones to eat right out of the grocery bag.

Take home the Nut Fudge … stolen goods. Hurry, hurry to the supermarket today .. . Dad would have helped with the robbery had he known it the Great Candy Robbery has candy for the whole family.

When chocolate is an ingredient, we make our own. We insist our sugar be extra fine. Old-fashioned, but the way to practice candy mastery.

Welch’s Candies: The Family Candy with good old-fashioned goodness.

Welch's candies from the 1960s

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Vintage Welch's Candies from 1967

Wheel home the Welch’s candy going for delicious prices

Welch’s candies from Nabisco — The family candy with old-fashioned goodness

Candy Lovers of America unite for all 15 varieties. Head for the stores to get your share of deliciously priced Welch’s Candies.

Mom and Dad are already making tracks … gonna buy out their favorite, Chocolate Covered Cherries. Granny’s heading up from the farm to stock up on Nut Fudge... she can’t make better.

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And the kids are forming hungry packs to raid the stores of Junior. Mints. Candy Lovers going wild … wild for the delicious prices. Better start wheeling home the Welch’s right away!

The Family Candy with good old-fashioned goodness.

  • Welch’s Junior Mints
  • Welch’s Chocolate-Covered Cordialed Cherries
  • Welch’s Nut Fudge

Welch's candies Junior Mints, Cherries, Fudge (1966)

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