Fundraisers, vintage style: See some of the stuff kids used to sell to earn money for scouts & schools

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Fundraisers, vintage style See some of the stuff kids used to sell
Years ago, if a scout troop, school team, church group or other organization for kids/teens wanted to make money, they often turned to widely-advertised fundraising companies like the ones below.

And that’s how millions of people — like grandparents, neighbors, mom & dad’s coworkers and just random folks running errands — ended up with everything from boxes of chocolate bars to Christmas candleholders to first aid kits.

Here’s a look back at a few dozen of the things that kids used to sell!

Kathryn Beich chocolate fundraisers: Katydids & Golden Crumbles

This year, introduce your school, church, club or other civic organization to the legendary Kathryn Beich Candies. Choose from luscious chocolates, fine butter mints, rare toffees, tender crumbles — thirteen “Gift Quality” candies priced from 50 cents.

This tested plan can work wonders for your treasury… such as an Illinois Girl’s Club whose Christmas sale averages over $5000 profit… and a Denver Medical Club’s $500 profit. Millions of people have bought these confections to support thousands of different projects—large and small—all year long!

It’s easy: We send the candy you need … enough to raise $50 or $5000 or more… and we even pay the shipping costs. You pay nothing until 60 days after the shipment so there is no risk.

Vintage candy sales for fundraisers in 1970 (2)

Cathedral candles & regal candles fundraisers for schools

Fundraiser Christmas candles to sell in 1970

Christmas card fundraiser: Radiant Splendor, Sparkling Pets, Daisy Letters & more

Cheerful Christmas cards to sell in 1970

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Mighty Bags trash can liners for fundraiser sales (1970)

Mighty Bags trash can liners for fundraiser sales in 1970

Candy fundraisers for schools: Chocolate Pollywogs & Chocolate-Mint Melt-A-Ways (1970)

Take this easy may to raise funds for your church, school, club, charitable group or other organization. Just decide how much money you want to raise—and with which of our popular chocolates. Then fill in and mail the Order Blank below.

Send no money. Send only the Order Blank. We’ll send you all of our Chocolate Polly-wogs, Melt-a-Ways or Rich Milk Chocolate bars you’ll need to raise $50.00 or $500.00 or $5,000.00 or more. We’ll give you 60 days to pay. And we’ll pay shipping!

… Our chocolates are sent to you in “units,” and your group raises $50.00 on every unit you sell. If you select our $1.00 gift boxes of chocolates, for example, you will receive 144 boxes per unit. Since each box retails for $1.00, the unit brings in $144.00. Send us the first $94.00 yo take in and keep the remainin $50.00 for your group. On two units you keep $100.00… on three units $150.00… and so on. If you select our chocolate bars, you’ll receive 288 bars per unit. You sell each bar for 500, so again you take in $144.00 per unit … send us $94.00. . . keep $50.00.

Regardless of which chocolates you order or how big your order, you send no money now: pay nothing when your order is delivered. Decide now how much money you want to raise and which of our chocolates you want to sell. Then fill in and mail the Order Blank today!

Vintage candy sales for fundraisers in 1970 (1)

Keystone fund raising candles to sell (1972)

Kids fundraising things to sell from 1972 (1)

Decorative candles – Scented, for Christmas & more

Kids fundraising things to sell from 1972 (2)

Stick-ups: The latest “IN thing” wall decoration used wherever young people do their “thing”! (1972)

Kids fundraising things to sell from 1972 (3)

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Radiant Originals: The original sculpted candle for earning money

Let America’s Finest $1.25 Candle Earn all the Profits you need… Quicker than Ever Before

THEY’RE SO EASY TO SELL. That was the comment of group after group when they offered Radiant Original Candles for earning money. Many organizations, due to little sales resistance, sold out in less than a week and had to re-order, giving them much higher profits.

This show and sell collection of beautiful decorator Candles combines the lovely look of elegance and luxury with a price everyone can afford. There’s no doubt about it, Radiant Originals are the greatest candle value in America today and customers are quick to know it. That’s why they’re so eager to buy two, three, even more at a time.

Since Christmas time is candle time your group is sure to enjoy more sales and higher profit when they show these delightful easy-to-sell candles. Your customers will buy them for gifts as well as for their own home.

Kids fundraising things to sell from 1972 (4)

FIRST AID KITS…the easy way to get the money you need

If you know someone who has a car or house, works in a factory or office — you’ve got a potential customer and profit. Almost everyone you know could use at least one first aid kit. 

You don’t have to be a master salesman to make good profits. Our first aid kit practically sells itself. The neat and compact kit opens up to allow the customer to see it for himself.

The customer will see it contains a larger selection of supplies PLUS a road flare and an auto distress flag. Point out our first aid kit’s compact size and contents then sell one for the car, kitchen and basement. Remember to tell your customers they can’t buy our first aid kit in any store. It is for fund raising, exclusively.

Compare. It contains more first aid supplies than any advertised brand name kit. FREE SALES AIDS We will include free sales aids to help you get the ball rolling. You will receive sales record forms, posters and incentives. And to get your campaign off to a good start, an informative recorded sales pep talk to play at your meeting. Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (6)

“Little Darlings” exclusive candle collection characters

Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (8)

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Vintage animal candles

Storybook fantasies brought alive by candle craftsmen. Owl and pussycat. Frog, Turtle, Lion and Mouse. Cavorting together in bright as life colors. Hard to resist — easy to sell. 

Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (10)

Planters peanuts: Virginia, Mixed nuts, Old-fashioned peanut candy, Dry-roasted (1974)

Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (11)

Delightful, hand-painted animal candles (1974)

Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (12)

What a money-maker! Johnson & Johnson first aid kits

Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (2)

Kathryn Beich candies – Mint wafers, canned Katydids and more

Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (4)

Radiant originals molded color candles & candle holders

Boy Scout fundraisers - sales - Scouting 1974 (5)

Vintage Little Luvkins: Stationery and postcards

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (1)

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Mr Peanut: The best fund-raiser for your troop

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (2)

The newest, most excitingly different candle in fundraising: Revere’s sculptured Floralite

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (3)

Chocolate: Almond bars & Cocoa crisp

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (4)

Christmas Luvkins: Fine quality bisque porcelain candle holders

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (5)

English classic candles: Dramatic wax replicas to sell for scouts

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (6)

Vintage candles – best candles for raising big money

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (7)

Candy sales for schools, scouts, churches, 4-H, Little Leagues

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (8)

Scout leaders: Christmas candles and ornaments for fund-raising

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (9)

Christmas Lamplighter: vintage scented candles

Vintage stuff kids could sell for fundraising from 1976 (10)

Trail’s End: America’s popcorn sale

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (1)

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SweeTarts, Spree & Turtles: $1 size famous-brand “Fun candies”!

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (3)

Spirit of America’s 2-year daily planners

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (4)

Spirit of America’s Christmas gift wrap: $2 best seller

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (6)

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (10)


Vintage fundraiser – m&m’s profit program: Plain and peanut candy

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (2)

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Trail’s End caramel corn – Mt Rushmore

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (7)

Auto and home safety first aid kit

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (8)

Happy Eggs instant egg decorating sleeves – the perfect spring fundraiser

Just slip a sleeve over a hard boiled egg… Dip into boiling water — remove quickly for an instant “Happy Egg.”

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (9)

Hershey’s Kit-Kat, Reese’s, Krackel & milk chocolate bars to sell

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (11)

Ring up record fund-raising profits with Revere’s Snow Bells

Irresistible is the word for these bright-eyed Christmas bell ornaments.

Each Snow Bell is lovingly crafted of the finest bisque porcelain and delicately hand-painted. Their colorful scarfs and hats of knitted wool add a festive holiday touch when hung on the family tree or decorating a package, and they’re beautifully boxed for easy gift-giving.

Packaged one delightful dozen to a convenient carry kit, Snow Bells (4-3/8″ high) sell for only $5.00 each. With a cost of just $36 per N dozen. your group will ring up a cheery profit of $24 for every dozen Snow Bells sold. And those dollars add up quickly…

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (12)

Nestle-Beich candy bars: Caramel, almonds, Krunch varieties

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (13)

Tom-Wat Show*Case merchandise assortment: Recession-proof fundraiser

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (15)

Everybody’s favorite fundraiser!  REVERE’S 2-YR. PLANNERS

They’re downright indispensable. That’s why these irresistible 2-year planning calendars from Revere have become the favorite of fundraisers everywhere. Each 24-month planner fits snugly in pocket or purse, features big monthly memo calendars and a tear-off memo pad.

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (16)

Magnetic Corky note holders

They’re the freshest, most colorful, most delightfully whimsical assortment of magnetic note holders ever offered for fund raising.

In addition to ballpoint pen and note paper, each unique magnetic “Corky” Note Holder features a cork surface for pinning messages, plus a set of three handy push pins. Leaving important notes has never been easier or more fun.

Scouting fundraisers 1991 (17)

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