Curtis candies: Chocolates & fruit drops (1951-1953)

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Coconut grove

Twin bars — creamy coconut with luscious bittersweet coating


Curtiss assorted fruit drops


Curtiss nuggets

Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Coconut Niblets, Dip-Bits, Milk Caramels, Mint Patties, Caramel Nougats


Saf-T-Pop lollipops

Your children play safe with Curtiss Saf-T-Pops


Spearmint gum

Also peppermint, pepsin and Hawaiian fruit gum


Curtiss: Makers of Butterfinger, Coconut Grove, Dip candy bars, Saf-T-Pops, Fruit Drops, Mints and Gum

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  1. My father was a route salesman and delivery driver in the late 1950’s don’t know what brought this to mind I guess just harking back in the memories.

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