This memorable vintage Halloween candy from the ’50s & ’60s will take you back to trick-or-treats past

Trick or treat, retro-style See the sweetest Halloween candy from the '50s & '60s

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 As you scroll through this collection of vintage Halloween candy advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s, what you may find most remarkable is how many of these candy brands remain trick-or-treat favorites to this day!

While most of the names haven’t changed, the packaging and advertising are delightfully retro. Scroll through these ads for classic Butterfinger bars, Brach’s candy, Milky Way, Dubble Bubble, Baby Ruth, candy corn and more!

Sweet stalkin’: Mars Family Choice candy bars for Halloween (1955)

When “Tricks or treats” is the question, here are two perfect answers: Mars 6-packs — Mars “24s.” Better stalk right down to the store and get some.

6 of your favorite candy bars in one money-saving pack

Mars Family Choice: Snickers, Forever Yours, Cocoanut, Milky Way — The answer to your taste question

Milky Way Halloween candy from the 1950s

Baby Ruth & Butterfinger: vintage Halloween candy (1960)

The goblins’ll get you if you don’t treat ’em right… with any of these delicious Curtiss Halloween candies

Bintage Halloween candy

Halloween Curtiss candy - 1960

Fleer’s Dubble Bubble gum for Halloween (1952)

Oct 27, 1952 Halloween gum

Neat trick for quick treat (1954)

Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Bubble Chum Gum — Buy ’em by the box!

Individually-wrapped, each Curtis Trick or Treat Candy provides complete sanitary protection, convenience in handling, cleanliness. Take your choice — they all please. 1c, 2c and 5c varieties.


Curtiss Candy Company: Makers of Butterfinger, Coconut Grove, Caramel Nougat, Dip candy bars, Saf-T-Pops, Fruit Drops & Mints

Curtiss vintage Halloween candy for little goblins (1962)

1962 Halloween candy

Vintage Halloween candy from Brach’s (1963)

Candy corn – Candy pumpkins – 101 pops – Chocolate-covered banana split bars – Indian corn – Autumn mix

Oct 18, 1963 Brach's vintage Halloween candy

Brach’s chocolate peanut butter bar – Double malt bars – Caramel roll – Harvest mix

1963 Halloween candy from Brach's

Treat ’em to delicious just-for-Halloween Candies fresh from Brach’s

Little masqueraders love to be greeted with a heaping variety of Brach’s Halloween Candies.

So many different kinds to pick and choose. Everything from luscious bars and lollipops to cute miniature pumpkins. Special candies, right in the spirit of Halloween. Shop for Brach’s at your store this week, and do get an assortment. You’ll delight the kids!

61 varieties for trick-or-treat and parties too… Brach’s

Jelly Beans – Chocolate Banana Split Bars – Peanut Butter Bars – Caramel Rolls

Brach's Halloween candy from 1962

Brach’s Halloween candies & a candy corn owl (1960)

The Wise Old Owl Says: “Be Queen of the block and save money too … treat the kids to Brach’s Halloween candies”

When youngsters cry “Trick or Treat’, they want the best candy. That’s why it’s smart to serve Brach’s! All the magic shapes, exciting flavors and enchanting colors make Brach’s the Halloween candy tradition. Bewitch them with pure candy and pure fun… at prices that let you buy plenty. So be a smart shopper and Queen of the block, too… buy Brach’s Halloween candies.

From 1960 Brach's vintage Halloween candy

Mars candy bars and vintage Halloween candy from 1955

Mars candy bars and vintage Halloween candy from 1955

Tricks or treats for little tricksters (1959)

San Antonio Express (Texas) October 1959

The best values in candy!

  • Judson’s Halloween mix: 79 cents
  • Bubble gum: 65 cents
  • Wrigley’s gum: 79 cents
  • Kraft caramels: 39 cents
  • Saf-T-Pops: 39 cents
  • Brach’s Pops: 39 cents
  • Halloween pumpkins: 29 cents
  • Halloween masks: 49 cents
  • Noisemakers: 10 cents
  • Halloween horns: 10 cents and 15 cents
  • Costumes (small fry) – 88 cents each
  • Costumes (youth size) – $1.49 each

The goblins won’t get YOU — if you’re well-stocked with treats little spooks love! You’ll find a big assortment of everything just right for trick-or-treating at HEB… so be sure to pick up enough to make everybody happy, when you’re shopping of other big values at your HEB Food Wonderland!

vintage Halloween candy from 1959

This is the house that has the Brach’s… somebody ring the doorbell! (1959)

Kids trick-or-treating for vintage Halloween candy

1958 Brach’s party packs for vintage Halloween candy

Oct 20, 1958 Brach's party packs for Halloween candy

1961 vintage Halloween candy – Baby Ruth and Butterfinger

1961 vintage Halloween candy - Baby Ruth and Butterfinger

1961 Curtiss Halloween candy

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