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Vintage Mr Potato Head toys (1952-1953)

Mr and Mrs Potato Head: The joyful toy of 1001 faces! (1953) Mr Potato Head: Funny-face kit box front (package from 1952) Any fruit or vegetable makes a funny face man Mr "Potato Head" is fun for ALL t... Read more...

Collecting spider webs (1955)

Spider webs are amazing creations and fun to collect Watch nature's most gifted spinners weave. Know a collector's delight in finding and mounting their silken snares by John R Saunders, Chairman, Dep... Read more...

Tips for train travel with children (1910)

If the weather is not too warm, it is a good plan to have a child wear his bonnet when he lies down. This will keep cinders from his ears and will help deaden the noise of the train.

Disney World: Fun, fantasy and reality (1973)

Ten million visitors flocked to Disney World in 1972 to see this latest and greatest in Walt Disney’s ever-expanding empire of imagination. That is more American tourists than visited Britain, Germany or Austria.

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