Vintage Crispy Critters: Animal-shaped Post cereal debuted in the ’60s, and relaunched in the ’80s

Vintage Post Crispy Critters cereal from the 80s (1)

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Post Crispy Critters cereal on market soon (from 1963)

There’s a brand new cereal on the market, Post “Crispy Critters.” Amusingly formed into animal shapes — horses, camels, lions, donkeys, hippos, elephants, rhinos and goats — to intrigue the eyes of youngsters and to whet the appetite, this new cereal is an easy step toward a good, nourishing breakfast, especially for the young.

Made principally from oat flour, “Crispy Critters,” as their name indicates, are sparkling crisp and are lightly sweetened with brown sugar.

One cup of these new “Crispy Critters” has appreciable amounts of these food values: Vitamin B1, niacin, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Vintage Crispy Critters box from the 1960s

With milk, of course, a child’s daily food needs are well on the way to being met. Nutrition experts agree a good breakfast gets every day off to a fine start.

“Crispy Critters” is a delightful after-school snack for the older child with milk, fruit, perhaps a cookie . . . good between-meal foods, easy for Mom to manage. The package is designed to appeal to the small fry . . . with lots of bright colors and a beaming lion named “Linus.” This product will be distributed soon in this area.

Old Crispy Critters c1960s cereal box front

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Trying to save Crispy Critters (looking back from 1981)

Suddenly, Crispy Critters weren’t selling. But General Foods, their maker, had a marvelous solution: pink elephants. Kids would demand Crispy Critters if only the elephants in it were colored pink. Kids didn’t.

General Foods added grape apes and orange moose to the sugar-coated menagerie, hut to no avail. Finally, the company dropped Crispy Critters in the mid-’60s and introduced a new cereal: Crazy Shapes.

Vintage 1960s Post Crispy Critters cereal box with lion

Don’t let the smiles fool you. (1987)

He’s learning good eating habits.

Vintage Crispy Critters cereal (1987)

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Vintage Post Crispy Critters cereal (1980s)

Now there’s a cereal with the taste, the crunch and the fun your children want. And what you want for them — good, sound nutrition.

New Crispy Critters cereal with little animal pals will teach your kids a lifetime of good nutrition.

Kids love the animal shapes like rhinos, hippos, lions and camels. And the extra crunchy taste.

You’ll love the blend of three nutritious grains: wholesome oats, golden corn and hearty wheat. And Crispy Critters is light on the sugar. In fact, it has even less sugar than a quarter of an apple.

New Post Crispy Critters cereal, Low in sugar, yet Indubitably Delicious.

Vintage Post Crispy Critters cereal from the 80s (2)

Vintage Crispy Critters TV commercial

“Post’s Crispy Critters cereal is part of a baaaa-lanced breakfast.”

YouTube video

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